8 of the best spin bikes to help you smash your cardio goals from home

If you’re starting to miss your spin classes, or just want to up your cardio, the good news is that spin bikes aren’t just for the gym – you can get ones that are perfect for home workouts too.

It’s not as easy as just popping out for a run when it’s rainy and miserable outside. And if cycling is your cardio of choice going for a bike ride in those kinds of conditions can be downright dangerous. Getting a spin bike for the home makes it easier than ever to fit in a workout, whether it be before work, between meetings, or after the kids have gone to bed. Exercise bikes can be found to fit a variety of budgets and living arrangements, so keep scrolling through to see our top 8 spin bikes for 2021 you can buy on Amazon.

Weighing in at only 12kg and able to

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Daimler to rebrand as Mercedes-Benz, spin off truck division

German auto giant Daimler on Wednesday announced plans for a major shakeup of its operations.

Daimler’s board has agreed to spin off the company’s bus and truck division into a new, publicly listed entity to be called Daimler Truck.

Daimler Truck will be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange by the end of 2021, with the majority of shares in the new entity to be distributed to existing Daimler shareholders. Daimler itself will also retain a minority stake in Daimler Truck.

The board also agreed to renaming Daimler as Mercedes-Benz at an “appropriate time” in the future. Mercedes-Benz will then focus on passenger vehicles and vans, as well as software development.

Daimler headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany

Daimler headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany

The move is to help strengthen the Mercedes-Benz brand and further distinguish between the car and commercial vehicles operations as the industry faces major technological and structural changes in the areas of electrification and

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