Dodge’s Electric Muscle Car To Make “Shocking” Sound: Stellantis CEO

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares promises that Dodge’s upcoming electric muscle car will produce a “shocking” sound.

The executive says the Dodge team is working on creating a sound worthy of accompanying the brand’s new age of performance. According to the company’s market research cited by Tavares, younger consumers in their 30s are open to the idea of electric muscle. 

As the Hellcat era comes to a close, the unmistakable sound of the supercharged V8 has to be replaced by something equally visceral, Stellantis’ CEO suggested during a media roundtable Tuesday attended by Automotive News.

“We are creating a sound that you cannot imagine. It’s something that is shocking. After they create the sound, they are thinking about how they make the sound louder and more powerful in function of the way you are using the car.”

Dodge muscle car buyers certainly like their rides to make a

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Stellantis and Foxconn partnering on automotive semiconductor business

Stellantis and Foxconn will co-develop a new line of automotive semiconductor chips partly aimed at improving future supplies of the critical component, the companies announced Tuesday.

Stellantis is teaming up with Foxconn on new semiconductor chips. (REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol)

“With Foxconn, we aim to create four new families of chips that will cover over 80% of our semiconductor needs, helping to significantly modernize our components, reduce complexity, and simplify the supply chain. This will also boost our ability to innovate faster and build products and services at a rapid pace,” Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares said.

The chips will be made available to third-party customers and will enter production by 2024. Details on planned investments and manufacturing locations were not immediately released.


Stellantis is developing the chips to help it integrate new software platforms for its

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Foxconn’s electric car ambitions boosted by Stellantis deal

The 50/50 joint venture, known as “Mobile Drive,” brings together Foxconn’s might in mobile software and consumer electronics with Stellantis’ vehicle design and engineering expertise to create a user experience akin to using a smartphone.

Mobile Drive will enable a “personalized and upgradable cockpit,” with features such as biometric recognition, artificial intelligence, remote command and augmented reality, Stellantis chief software officer Yves Bonnefont said at a press conference.

Stellantis was formed from the merger of Fiat Chrysler and France’s PSA Group. Its brands include Peugeot, Dodge, Ram, Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Citroën.

While Foxconn will initially develop smart cockpit solutions for Stellantis brands, the plan is to sell the technology to other carmakers.

“The joint venture will operate as an automotive supplier, competitively bidding to supply software solutions and related hardware for Stellantis and other interested automakers,” the companies said in a statement on Tuesday.

“It is going to change

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