Potent Race Horse From 1964 Trots To Auction With Classic GTO Style

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After years of searching for the right owner, this restored muscle car is the perfect addition to your classic car collection!

Few things from the 1960s were as iconic as the idea of a big V8 engine in a midsize car with a manual transmission. That is, of course, except for the Pontiac GTO, whose incredible curvy figure has become an instantly recognizable symbol of individual freedom and American pride. The sheer grit that it took to build the car in the first place was incredible because of GM’s strict ban on performance vehicles. Thankfully, these cars were top-rated upon initial release and sparked a movement of muscle cars and pony cars whose fame continued to grow and has since reached proportions previously thought impossible. We would all love to get our hands on one of these things as car enthusiasts, but

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Honda Civic leads performance, style

There’s barely an automaker in the world that wouldn’t trade its compact car for the Honda Civic. But only Honda makes the Civic, which built on a 50-year record of excellence with the 2022 model, now on sale.

The Civic seems destined to be one of America’s best-selling cars in perpetuity. Priced within reach of first-time buyers, the 2022 model is loaded with advanced safety features and comes in a range that stretches from the rite-of-passage affordable first new car to sporty models that have inspired generations of young car lovers.

Honda heaps on the safety on driver assistance features, including adaptive cruise control with low-speed automatic braking; automatic high beams; collision alert; lane departure alert and assist; traffic sign recognition; blind spot alert and cross traffic alerts.

2022 Free Press SUV of the Year: Ford Bronco brings new ideas and tech to off-roading

2022 Free Press Truck of the

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12 new cars that will never go out of style

Some cars never go out of style. It’s rare, but it happens. They get old. They get depreciated. But they never stop looking cool.

Some might call them modern or instant classics. Within a few years they’re no longer the latest and greatest, no longer the flavor of the month, but they remain special. Eternally special. Timeless.

These cars aren’t necessarily going to be worth a fortune someday. However, some may not depreciate as rapidly or as far as other models. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. These are the cars that enthusiasts will always find desirable from the curbside. They’re the cars you end up shopping on eBay late at night 10 years later because you can’t get them out of your head. They’re the cars that will forever excite you when you spot a clean one in traffic or in a parking lot.

There are

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Robert Cumberford: Automobile Magazine Critic Becomes Authority on Style

Car designer Moray Callum remembers unveiling his latest project at the 1993 Geneva Auto Show: the Aston Martin Lagonda Vignale concept, a radical, swooping four-door sedan far afield from the Le Mans-winning race cars and James Bond coupes that made the British marque famous. 

A proud Callum years later would call the car a crowning achievement of his career.

But that evening, at an industry party aboard a yacht on Lake Geneva, Callum says a former boss introduced him to Robert Cumberford, a protege of the legendary Harley Earl at General Motors Corp., the man who literally invented modern-day automotive design. In the time since his work alongside Earl in the 1950s, Cumberford had built his influence through independent commissions and magazine reviews of the latest models. Callum, thrilled to meet Cumberford and familiar with his work, was keen for his verdict on the Aston.  

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The Aston Martin Lagonda Vignale

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