Nissan GT-R could get race tech before going hybrid

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Nissan will add the mighty GT-R to its range of electrified cars, if a rumor coming out of Japan is accurate. It will drag the coupe into hybrid territory before consigning it to the automotive attic about halfway through the 2020s.

Electrifying the GT-R is challenging, because the model was launched in 2007 and not developed with gasoline-electric (or pure electric) technology in mind. Making it a hybrid is a must, however. Japanese magazine Best Car learned the firm isn’t worried about its fleet-wide CO2 emissions, it sells enough EVs to avoid hefty fines, but it needs to make sure the GT-R complies with strict new noise regulations coming into effect in the coming years.

In other words, the GT-R needs to go hybrid or (loudly) retire, and Nissan wants to keep it around for at least a few more years. It will give the

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The carmaker aiming to become a tech firm

Hyundai's concept EV is called Prophecy
Hyundai’s concept electric vehicle (EV) is called Prophecy

For a few weeks this year, South Korean carmaker Hyundai was dusted with the Apple magic.

Last month Hyundai let slip that it was in talks with the maker of the iPhone to co-operate on a car project, but this week it said the talks were over.

However, this is by no means the end of Hyundai’s push into technology.

The car firm has been investing heavily in new technology with a string of partnerships, acquisitions and investments within the tech space.

Its takeover of robotics firm Boston Dynamics last year was a clear indication of the direction it is taking – into cutting-edge technology.

The whole auto industry has been forced to innovate as the move towards electric cars and autonomous vehicles accelerates.

Hyundai has been criticised in the past for lagging behind rivals in adopting emerging technologies but is

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The best cars and driving tech from CES 2021

This story is part of CES, where our editors will bring you the latest news and the hottest gadgets of the entirely virtual CES 2021.

The scuttlebutt going into CES2021 was that it would be pretty tepid as a car show, but I think it delivered, considering it was all done on a virtual showfloor.

Caterpillar showed one of its 285-ton mining dump trucks working autonomously, which gives me a lot to lay awake and worry about. Nothing the size of a duplex should make up its own mind about anything. But industrial vehicles will go autonomous long before anything intended for your driveway.

Autonomous Caterpillar mining truck

No. Nothing this big should be able to make its own decisions.


John Deere showed how it’ll use VR to transport

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Amazon Ring’s New Security Cameras and Tech Protect Your Car (and You)

Photo credit: Whiteway - Getty Images
Photo credit: Whiteway – Getty Images

From Car and Driver

  • The Ring Car Alarm is a simple device that will let you know something may have happened to your car through the Ring app.

  • The Ring Car Cam includes two cameras: it can film bandits taking your groceries from the back seat, and it can also record traffic stops and send the video to people on your predetermined list.

  • Finally, Ring Car Connect is a way for automakers to integrate their own sensors and cameras with the Ring network.

Amazon already has a few ways to get into your car. There are dozens of models that come equipped with Alexa. There’s Amazon Key, which allows delivery drivers to put your Prime packages right in your trunk. But Amazon also wants to keep people out of your car. That’s why the company announced three new automotive-related Ring security products this

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