Review of new Tesla sparks debate after writer claims problems with autopilot

A critical review of the Tesla Model Y has caused a stir on social media, where many are complaining that the car, in its current state, should never have been sent to market. Others – especially fans of Tesla and, more specifically, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk – have rushed to defend the car and, by proxy, the CEO.

The debate began when Tim Stevens, an automotive journalist, released a review of the Model Y on CNET’s Roadshow vertical. The review is titled “2021 Tesla Model Y review: Nearly great, critically flawed.”

Unlike other car reviews on the site, Roadshow actually entered into a two-year lease to give the car an extensive analysis over the course of a full lease period. Stevens intends to give the car multiple reviews over the lease period, accounting for changes that may be made to the Model Y over the course of two

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Tesla drivers left unable to start their cars after outage

Tesla app

The Tesla app is used as a key by drivers to unlock their cars

Tesla drivers say they have been locked out of their cars after an outage struck the carmaker’s app.

Dozens of owners posted on social media about seeing an error message on the mobile app that was preventing them from connecting to their vehicles.

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk personally responded to one complaint from a driver in South Korea, saying on Twitter: “Checking.”

Mr Musk later said the app was coming back online.

The Tesla app is used as a key by drivers to unlock and start their cars.

Owners posted a multitude of complaints online about not being able to use their vehicles.

“I’m stuck an hour away from home because I normally use my phone to start [my] car,” one owner tweeted.

About 500 users reported an error on the app at around

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Lexus has most reliable car of 2022, Tesla has ‘problems’

Too much of a good thing can translate into unreliability on the road.

Several luxury automotive brands that stuffed a lot of budding technology into their vehicles – including Tesla, Lincoln, Genesis and Mercedes-Benz – rank toward the bottom of the Consumer Reports Auto Reliability Report for 2022.

The annual ranking, which is closely followed as an index for quality, uses data from more than 300,000 vehicles to project reliability scores for the major brands and individual vehicles. It assesses the past three years of each model’s performance unless that vehicle has been redesigned during the period, in which case it uses data from the latest generation.

For the 2022 model year, Toyota luxury brand Lexus returned to the top spot among the 28 ranked brands. Mazda, which dethroned Lexus in 2021, ranks second, and the Toyota brand ranks third. Infiniti is fourth, and Buick is fifth.

►Is it

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Hertz to buy 100,000 Tesla cars as rental car company pivots toward electric vehicles

Having survived a brush with death, Hertz is aiming for an electric rebirth.

The rental car company, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection early in the COVID-19 pandemic, announced Monday that it plans to buy 100,000 cars from Tesla by the end of 2022 in a pivot toward electric vehicles.

It is among the largest electric vehicle orders ever placed, matching the 100,000 electric vans that Amazon has ordered from startup Rivian. The deal is worth about $4.2 billion, estimated Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives.

Hertz also plans to install thousands of electric vehicle charging stations at its locations.

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The moves represent the largest investment by a rental car agency in technology widely considered the future of the

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