Coyote Swapped 1985 F-150 Is The Ultimate Muscle Truck

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This vehicle is the epitome of what a custom truck should be as it boasts plenty of power and style to impress any enthusiast.

There are three incredible facets of modification in the automotive community that make up the ridiculous world of aftermarket customization. These are small trucks, air suspension, and V8 engine swaps, as they have proven to be an incredible platform for you to begin building your dream vehicle. The small truck aspect is a prevalent subject of discussion within the automotive community because of its astonishing abundance and a high potential for some great customization. This particular truck is a fantastic example because it takes all three aspects mentioned above of automotive customization. So what makes this tiny truck one of the most astonishing automotive creations ever to hit the internet?

Check out a wooden Mustang here.

First up,

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Should you buy a certified preowned used car, truck or SUV?

Used cars

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New car shopping remains a bear amid supply shortages. Where you’ll likely find better luck is in the used car market, but buying used opens up unique risks like maintenance and costly repairs. There’s a middle ground to all of this, though: certified preowned cars.

Certified preowned, or CPO, cars can make a fantastic choice for car buyers. These models can provide you with the same peace of mind new-car owners experience, but can shave 50% to 75% of the cost of a brand-new car. Read on to learn about these programs and how they may benefit you and your wallet.

What is a certified preowned car?

A certified preowned car is a used vehicle that shows hardly any signs of having been used before your potential purchase. CPO cars are typically off-lease units returned to the dealership where they were first sold new. Once the original lease

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30 Best Car, Truck and Motorcycle Books for Kids

Cars, trucks and motorcycles captivate the attention of audiences young and old. Budding fans of the auto industry can enjoy the vehicles in a new, imaginative space thanks to the treasure trove of available books that feature a model.

Newsweek has put together a list of books for children of varying ages covering topics from how cars work to the wacky adventures cartoon cars can get into.

Best Car, Truck and Motorcycle Books for Children

Each book on the list teaches something whether it be about cars themselves, or general lessons that can be applied to life told through vehicles. When building this list we kept the adventurer that lives inside every budding enthusiast in mind.

In addition to car, truck and motorcycle books, tales of tractors, snow plows and construction equipment are also featured on this list.

There are books for all ages of children in this roundup. Some

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Monthly car payments near $600 as SUV and truck sales surge: Experian

The average monthly car loan payments are on the rise, surging upwards of $600, as an increasing number of consumers switch back to financing new vehicles, according to Experian’s latest auto financing report.


During the last three months of the 2020 fiscal year, consumers borrowed almost $2,000 more for new vehicles, spending on average $35,228, according to Experian’s State of the Automotive Finance Market report.

This pushed their monthly bill from about $13 to upwards of $576 during that period, according to Experian.

“The events of 2020 disrupted the automotive industry and we’ve seen some consumers shift away from patterns that have been cemented over previous quarters such as opting for used vehicles,” Experian senior director of automotive financial solutions Melinda Zabritski, said.

This change can be attributed

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