What’s the status of self-driving cars? There has been progress, but safety questions remain.

There has been incremental, but steady, progress in the development of self-driving cars. Some form of driver-assistance technology focused on safety is now inside most new vehicles.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) defines six levels of vehicle driving automation systems. Right now, we’re at level two, with cars able to control steering, acceleration and braking, while still requiring drivers to remain engaged. Down the road, level 5 autonomy would mean fully driverless cars. 

But the transition into the future hasn’t always been smooth. As the technology advances, drivers adjust, and the government tries to keep up. 

Among the new crowd of autonomous vehicles is the 2022 Honda Civic. One of the newest settings on the standard-issue Honda Civic is it can drive itself down the road itself, then smoothly break behind a stopped car. 

Honda told CBS News the system is not intended or capable of detecting the end

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What’s your favourite? The CarWale Podcast

Car technologies: Old vs new: What's your favourite? The CarWale Podcast

© Aditya Nadkarni
Car technologies: Old vs new: What’s your favourite? The CarWale Podcast

When was the last time you were annoyed by a new car feature, or for that matter, missed one of the new features in your recent car purchase that is just a few years old? To discuss how technology has changed in the past few years or even decades, we have with us Venkat Desirazu in Episode 29 of The CarWale Podcast. Click on the link below to listen to the latest episode of our podcast.

Car Technologies: Old Vs New: What’s Your Favourite? | Episode 29 | The CarWale Podcast

Change in automotive technology over the years

When we look back over the past few years or even a decade for that matter, we realise that we have come a long way in the way our cars function. New technologies, automation, and creature comforts have

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What’s happening with Apple’s autonomous electric car?

Project Titan: What's happening with Apple's autonomous electric car? photo 3

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Project Titan: What’s happening with Apple’s autonomous electric car? photo 3

(Pocket-lint) – Apple is trying to revolutionise the car, or at least that’s what all the leaks and rumours indicate. Here’s what you need to know.

Is Apple really developing a car?

  • Yes, it’s been exploring the idea since 2014
  • The project, Titan, has morphed over the years
  • Currently, Apple is focusing on an autonomous car

Several reports since at least 2014 have claimed that Apple is not only poaching former Tesla employees and hiring automotive experts but has also quietly started up a research lab filled with hundreds of Apple employees all working on a secretive project codenamed Titan. What’s more, the noise around the project has been getting louder. It’s now believed that Project Titan will result in an autonomous electric vehicle, often referred to as Apple Car.  

The most recent reports suggest

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What’s Gdpr? Every Thing You Need To Know About The New General Information Protection Regulations

If someone comes to your place of work and is injured, a general liability coverage would cover their medical prices. A bodily injury declare could possibly be something as simple as a fall by a buyer at the company retailer or business office. General liability insurance coverage protects your small business from quite a lot of possible claims including bodily harm, property harm, copyright infringement, reputational hurt and advertising harm. Failure to comply with the data safety General & News regulations could lead to a €20 million fine, and Australian organisations with hyperlinks to Europe won’t be exempt. Countries and regions all over the world look like taking cues from GDPR by introducing or modifying knowledge safety laws. Countries which have signalled they’re going to change their privacy laws for the reason that introduction of GDPR includeBrazil,Japan, South Korea, India and others. Under the GDPR provisions that promote accountability and … Read More