21 Window Double Slider 1967 VW Type 2 Bus Up For Grabs

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It’s looking to join your psychedelic collection.

The media have virtually immortalized the Volkswagen Bus via movies and TV shows such as “The Bus” and “Cars.” This star power has led to an entire generation of people who dream of owning one of these classic busses for themselves one day, as it perfectly epitomizes the “hippie” aesthetic. In addition, the highly open interior created a trend known as “Van-Life,” where teens would live a very nomadic lifestyle, living anywhere they choose. Others still used the Bus for camping or weekend trips with their family or friends. This vehicle, in particular, is a perfect example of that focus on freedom and independence.

Powering this bouncing Bus is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder boxer engine that produces more than enough power for all of your people hauling needs. The exterior is a blue and white two

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Window Shop with Car and Driver

Photo credit: Car and Driver

Photo credit: Car and Driver

Radwood is a car show for those who are so nostalgic for the ’80s and ’90s, they have parachute pants and Reebok Pumps in their closets. Open to cars and trucks built from 1980 through 1999, the show celebrates see-through headrests, graphic equalizers, crown air fresheners, and teal paint. It continues to grow in popularity and locations. So if you haven’t been to one yet, a Radwood might be coming to you.

Like the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Radwood has various awards and a best-in-show trophy. Since Window Shopping is all about competition, the crew went in search of cars under $30,000 that could win at Radwood. To judge our picks, we invited Radwood co-founder and automotive writer Bradley Brownell, who shows little mercy.

Up first this week is Road & Track senior editor John Pearley Huffman. Riding high on his recent win,

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