The 10 Best Travel Experiences in the U.S.

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Any travel enthusiast will tell you that a bucket list is a living document—and in multiple senses of the word. Not only does making your way through an exciting list keep you feeling vivacious, but it always has room for more adventures.

If your own bucket list could use some additional items, you’re in luck. TripAdvisor just announced its Travelers’ Choice Awards, which features “The Best of the Best Things to Do” based on over one billion reviews and opinions collected over the last year from everyday travelers.

The 2022 list has all the bases covered, so whether you’re a beach bum, foodie, outdoor lover, or history buff there’s something for you. We’re starting with number 10 and counting our way down.

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Private Party Bike Rental — Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona has it all: an abundance of cacti, great food, endless shopping, Southwestern architecture, and a top-rated party scene. That said, we’re not surprised to see a private party bike rental on TripAdvisor’s list of top experiences.

This party bike is a world away from your traditional bicycle. It seats groups of 15 people, earns you access to exclusive drink specials at bars, and takes you through a two-hour adventure through Old Town Scottsdale so you can see (and drink) it all. Drinking is legal on this open-air bike, so raise a glass as you make your Scottsdale visit count.


Little Toot Dolphin Adventure — Clearwater, Florida

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts, water seekers, and animal lovers! The Little Toot Dolphin Adventure is an unforgettable tour that combines all three. The Gulf of Mexico is well-known for its population of playful and wild dolphins, and you’ll get a close-up view aboard the Little Toot.

What’s unique about this tugboat-style watercraft is that it creates a large wake that the dolphins cannot resist playing in. That means you’ll get to see them jumping, splashing, and having a blast mere feet away from you.


5-Island Discovery Flight — Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, so a visit of any kind will get your travel-loving heart pitter-pattering. Throw in a private flight that gives you aerial views of five islands and it might just burst!

The 5-Island Discovery Flight is a private flight that accommodates up to three people and takes you to some of the state’s most notable landmarks, including Honolua Bay, Kalaupapa National Historical Park, Molokini Crater, Wailea Beach, and Hawaii’s famous lava fields. You’ll wear headsets so you can easily hear live commentary from the pilot and ask questions.

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Pearl Harbor City Tour – Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether you’re a history buff or simply want to better understand stories of the past, a Pearl Harbor City Tour is another Hawaiian experience that cannot be missed. This highly-rated Honolulu tour not only has over 1200 reviews and counting, but boasts an impressive 98 percent recommendation rating by traveler’s who’ve taken it.

Settle in for an exciting, five-hour educational tour that takes you to the area’s historical sites, including the Historic Downtown Honolulu, Pearl Harbor National Memorial, and the USS Arizona Memorial.


3-Hour Guided ATV Tour in the Desert — New River, Arizona

If you’re heading to the Southwest, don’t forget to pencil in some time outside of the bustling cities. This three-hour guided tour takes you through the majestic and rugged Sonoran Desert in the best vehicle for the terrain: a TomCar, an open-air, military-grade UTV.

You’ll get to drive your own as you follow your guides through the winding arid landscapes deep into the desert. Throughout the journey, you’ll make pit stops to enjoy scenic vistas, check out local wildlife, and learn about what makes this part of the world so special.


Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam,&7 Magic Mountains Tour — Las Vegas, Nevada

The flashing lights of the Las Vegas Strip are a sight to behold, but you’ll also want to carve out some time to poke around nearby attractions like the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and 7 Magic Mountains. This tour combines all three into a full day (12 hours!) of thrilling sight-seeing and loads of photo ops.

Departing from Vegas, you’ll head to the magnificent Grand Canyon, a UNESCO-listed natural world wonder that leaves visitors breathless. From there, you’ll get to visit the nearby Hoover Dam, a human-built marvel that averages about 4 billion kilowatt-hours of hydroelectric power every year. The tour also includes pit stops at the Las Vegas Sign and Seven Magic Mountains art installation.


Mojave Desert ATV Tour — Las Vegas, Nevada

Seeking an adrenaline rush? You’ll definitely want to book this Mojave Desert ATV tour the next time you find yourself in Las Vegas. Led by professional guides, you’ll have 90 minutes to drive your own ATV through the sandy desert terrain.

Along the way, you can stop to enjoy mountain views, observe wildlife, and discover other areas of the undeveloped Las Vegas Lake Mead Recreational Area. This tour departs from the Las Vegas Strip, making it an easy day excursion and nice getaway from the bustle.

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Little Havana Food&Walking Tour — Miami, Florida

Come hungry to the Little Havana Food&Walking Tour in Miami’s well-known foodie haven. Little Havana is the heart of Cuban Miami’s social, cultural, and political scene, and this tour allows you to taste your way through the vib
rant neighborhood.

Participants will get to experience authentic Cuban coffee, homemade Cuban food, and traditional favorites like picadillo empanadas, dulce de leche churros, and guarapo juice. Throughout the tour, your guide will fill you in on the stories behind everything you try. You’ll also get a chance to meet local artists, watch cigar rollers, and see Domino Park.


Clear Kayak Tour of Shell Key Preserve&Tampa Bay — Tierra Verde, Florida

Is a visit to Florida complete without getting into the water? We argue no, and a clear kayak tour is certainly one way to make doing so extra special. As the name suggests, you can see through the base of clear kayaks, which allows you to see the unique marine environment underneath you.

This two-hour Clear Kayak Tour, which departs from Tierra Verde, takes you through beautiful and quiet mangroves before making its way to the crystal blue waters of the Shell Key Preserves. You’ll get to take in the Shell Key’s unspoiled sandbars and beach for a moment before paddling your way over to the area’s wildlife sanctuaries where you can observe native birds.


North Shore Tour&Sightseeing — Honolulu, Hawaii

Heading to Honolulu? Make your time really count by booking this North Shore Tour&Sightseeing adventure. This top-rated tour—and TripAdvisor’s most popular experience for 2022—is one of the best and easiest ways to see it all.

Within a day’s time, and with a knowledgeable and entertaining guide at the helm, you’ll get to visit 80 percent of the island including the top highlights of Oahu’s North Shore. And lest you think you’ll be stuck in the car all day, think again! While making your way across the island, you’ll also get to enjoy swim time, shopping, water activities like paddle board and kayaking, and a waterfall hike.

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