The Air Hockey Pool Table Combines Two Great Games


The air hockey pool table is one of the hottest trends in in-home entertainment, keeping pace with popular gaming systems, and offering something those video gaming systems don’t offer – face-to-face fun and interpersonal family time.

Most people don’t realize that air hockey pool tables exist. They are the thing of childhood imaginations, but when they stumble upon one at a night over at a friend’s house, they are always wowed by the fun, and more often than not consider buying one for their own personal use.

Budget conscious families are investing in these great games as a way to stay home and save money, instead of pricey trips to a local arcade, pool hall or amusement eatery. These tables can be found at prices more reasonable than many would believe, and offer the fun of two pieces of home sporting equipment for the cost of only one, all with the added benefit of a smaller footprint, when considering the space constraints needed for purchasing a pool table and air hockey table.

Billiards fans and air hockey enthusiasts young and old are starting neighborhood tournaments and contests among friends. They find that what used to be an expensive night out with the guys has become a fun, much safer and inexpensive night in with their friends.

An air hockey pool table is a great way for kids and families to burn off excess energy and fight off cabin fever, all while staying home and enjoying more personal time together creating family memories. Investing in one of these combo units will allow your family to come together for family time again and again, for years to come.

Air hockey pool tables are fairly easy to operate, and can be safely converted from one game to the next. Most models feature a sturdy tabletop that must be rotated from one side to the other to be converted from pool table to hockey. Once it is flipped, it can be safely locked into place. Some tables come fully assembled, and some require installation of the air blower motor, rails and other pieces.

Price shop and compare various makers and models and you will be sure to find a model that fits within your family’s budget all while providing you with a model that will surely provide you, your friends, your children and grandchildren with lasting memories for years to come.

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