Top Tips from Car Rental Company for your Airport Drop off and Pickups

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Are you going with Family, alone or have a plan to travel with your company staff? You can easily book a limousine rental services and transferred all your stress and worries on their shoulders. After booking there will be a clean car outside of your house before and on time, you just need to sit back there relax and moved to your  destination and let the driver do their job in style. By simply doing that you don’t need to worry about Uber or any other rental services. Here below are some great tips from one of the top Limousines rental services company in Toronto.

Confirmation or Booking Number

Offcourse once you booked your services with any reputable limo company they will share a booking or confirmation number with you. So first step is that you must save that number some where, may be on your mobile somewhere or may be at the back of your mobile and paste it with tap, This will help you to avoid any kind of confusion.

Share Valid Phone number with them

Once you booked your services with them they will share a number but they will ask you your number which will be active on the booking day, offcourse they will contact you and will be in touch with you on booking day. So for that you must have your phone fully charged to avoid any kind of hassle on that day.

Stay In touched with Chauffeurs:

Although they are in touched with you and a good reputable company will share their Chauffer number with you as well, so in case if you received a call or email from travel agency and they told you that your flight got delayed so you must informed to the limo company that your flight got delayed this time and next time is that so that they keep their schedule updated and reached to your pickup destination on time.  Although a good reputable company will already know that but in case  they don’t then it’s your duty to keep them informed. And also in case your ticket got cancelled you must follow the same procedure.

Leave Early for the Airport:

Offcourse you have to leave early for the airport and aimed to reach airport 2 hours before your flight. Also, it’s Covid everywhere so may be it will take more time on airport then normal so aimed to reach 2 hours early from the flight. If you have kids especially infants then airport crew took time to assign and check seats. So in case you are going with limo company then informed them as well, Informed them that that is the actual time of flight but we should aim to reach their 2 hours early, It will help you to mentally relaxed through out the trip.

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Determine Where to Meet Driver:

In case you are traveling alone, then it will be one destination but in case if you are planning to move in a group, then you can share complete pickup destination with the limo company or you all can decide one pickup location and share it with the limo company.