A girl and her truck. We’re talking truck gals. Did I just combine two of your favorite words? I figured! Everyone always talks about a guy and his truck, especially with the release of those Chevy Colorado commercials that highlight the appeal of truck guys in contrast to car guys. That’s a whole separate topic (and quite a polarized one at that), but for now, let’s focus on ladies and their trucks.

Truck girls are a unique breed. If they don’t own a killer truck right now, they might have in the past and have more than likely grown up around trucks. If you’re a truck guy (which you presumably are because this is a truck magazine), then you have probably had or will have an interest in truck girls. If you’re a truck guy who’s with a non-truck girl, we can only hope she more than makes up for it in other areas. However, if you’re a truck guy who can hold out for the perfect truck girl, it just might be worth it.

Simply put, truck guys belong with truck girls, and truck girls belong with truck guys. Here’s five reasons why truck girls are awesome.

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  |   This girl isn’t afraid to throw some sparks.

Truck Girls are Adventurous.

It’s a generality, that’s true, but just like truck guys, truck girls probably like to be outside, exploring and doing things. They’re up for a challenge and actually enjoy adventure that can be found in cruising, racing, and customizing trucks. They’re the perfect adventure buddy—or more!

Truck Girls Drive Manual Transmissions.

There’s probably nothing hotter than a confident, down-to-earth chick rowin’ through some gears. If she doesn’t know the ins and outs of driving a standard transmission, she’s probably willing to learn or at least entertain the prospect.

Truck Girls Support the Truck Hobby.

For better or worse, truck girls not only think trucks are cool (including yours), but they actually encourage the passion and support buildups—not begrudgingly and with penalty, but willingly—because they want to. That’s great news for truck guys. You might get into it way over your head and way too deep for the piggy bank, but at least you won’t be fighting with her.

Truck Girls Appreciate the Truck Guy.

Trust me, this is true. While some would argue a vehicle is just a means of transportation, just like a washing machine is for cleaning clothes or a dishwasher is for sanitizing dishes, truck girls know this isn’t how a truck guy views his truck. A truck is an extension of who you are, revealing some creative, unique portion of you. It’s meaningful and important. It’s a summation of how you’ve chosen to invest time and money. Nothing is more crushing than the apathetic look of complete disinterest in something so important in a truck guy’s life.

Truck Girls are Helpful in the Garage.

She may not know it all, but she at least cares and wants to learn and would rather hang out with you in the garage than do some mall shopping on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Her brain also works differently than the truck guys, so she can problem solve in ways they can’t.

Why do you think truck girls are awesome?

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