Why Digger Derrick Trucks Are So Special


Of all the types of industrial equipment available, the digger derrick is a true multiple purpose tool that can handle so many different tasks. Born out of a growing need for a machine that could do a labor intensive job with fewer workers, this truck was developed over the years to bring about the best in job efficiency at the work site.

Easily able to do the same work that two or three separate vehicles would have to do alone, digger derricks are faster, easier to use and require one-third the number of workers, cutting down not only on the amount of time it takes to do the job but also on the costs for such labor that is ultimately passed on to the consumer. Versatile and strong, these trucks are the performance stars of any work fleet, a piece of equipment that no company should ever be without.

Multiple Uses

The first digger derricks were created in the 1940’s as a means to get auger drills from one job site to another in order to place telephone poles in the ground. Since then, thanks to the continued technology that has constantly improved these units, today’s digger derrick can typically perform the entire utility pole setup, from drilling the hole and handling and setting the pole to getting an operator up in the bucket to connect the pole – all of which can be done in only a matter of hours.

Fortunately, the digger is not just useful for utility work; it is an invaluable machine that can be used in many in other industries, including landscaping, general construction, fence building, pole building construction, and numerous other applications. Without any special additional equipment, a typical vehicle will work well for any job where drilling or digging as well as lifting a bucket or basket on a boom is necessary. There is a wide variety of jobs where a commercial truck like a digger derrick is needed, making it one of the most widely used pieces of heavy equipment on the market.

Specialized Attachments

Besides the usual tasks that these vehicles can perform, they are highly useful for specialized jobs when outfitted with many different attachments. By removing the bucket or the auger, it is possible to add even more functionality to this equipment with special attachments such as digging buckets, hammers, forklifts, and other types of lifts, screening buckets, grapples, snowplows, and excavation attachments of various sizes as well as numerous additional attachments that are available for these vehicles.

Initial Cost

The initial cost is a bit more than buying one or two separate vehicles; however, the versatility that a typical digger derrick has to offer makes adding attachments easier and more cost effective than simply being limited to trucks that are designed to do only one task. In addition, most of these trucks have strong winches as well, which makes the tasks of pole and post pulling and the lifting of heavy objects so much easier.

When able to incorporate so many different jobs into one vehicle, it is often found that not only do costs lower but efficiency and profits do go up – and the safety margin increases as well. Though operators do need to be specially trained to correctly use these vehicles in all situations, it is only one machine for which proper skills need to obtained and only one vehicle to be inspected and maintained. Repair, maintenance, and labor are all drastically reduced with a digger derrick; therefore, even though the initial cost is high, the truck definitely proves its capabilities over time, making it the best buy for the cost that is paid, offering good efficiency and reliability. Workers that perform any type of construction, utility, or landscaping tasks are working too hard and too long if a digger derrick truck is not being used!

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