Currently, we have a world-wide shortage or PhDs and as College Tuition increases this problem will grow. The problem of not enough PhDs is one in nearly all industrial and emerging nations. China, which produces staggering numbers of scientific research papers is under extreme strain when it comes to the number of PhDs it needs to upgrade its civilization. In India, the computer Industry is strong but short of PhDs.

India has its educational institutions producing 7,000 PhDs per year in the Sciences. In the United States, we produce 1,000 computer scientist PhDs per year, a large percentage are from India or Chinese. Many PhD students get hired away before their PhD schooling is completed, this will be a continuing trend.

Human Civilizations are getting more and more technologically advanced and yet their societies lack the knowledge and know how to keep up with all they are producing. Who will run things in the future if we lack the technological know how? In China, the USA and India there is a major push for math and science careers and educational studies.

One serious place of concern is in Aerospace as the average age of the aerospace designer currently is 58.7 years and they are all retiring, while those who will be replacing them, have not even entered upper division in college yet. The demand for these PhD rocket scientist types rivals that of the shortage or trained and certified nurses, truck drivers, high-tech auto mechanics and FAA air-traffic controllers. Needless to say, Houston, umm, we have a problem. The Worldwide Shortage of PhDs is a huge problem indeed, Sincerely, Lance.

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