Automotive Heritage Foundation 2021
Shelby Mustang GT500 team accepts award for Future Collectible Vehicle of the Year
Photo by Bob Giles

The 2021 Automotive Heritage Awards took the stage at the M1 Concourse last Friday during their Woodward Dream Show, a great new venue for the AHA. It was mighty hot with too few clouds and not a wisp of breeze to mitigate the summer heat, but we had a hearty audience of winners and guests.

Csaba Csere’s judges determined 6 Gold medal winners, 10 Silver, 21 Bronze and 5 Best of the Best trophy winners in the Automotive Heritage Journalism Competition. We had nearly 80 entries this year of excellent quality from all over the U.S. and a few from abroad. For the winners list, go to our website.

[The Silver Medal story from Collectible Automobile, “1971-78 Cadillac Eldorado: A Sizable Difference,” was erroneously credited to the editor who entered the story on behalf of the author. It is properly credited to author Terry V. Boyce.] 

Ford and Mercedes sent executives to accept, respectively, the Future Collectible Vehicle award for the Shelby Mustang GT500, and the Concept Vehicle of the Year for the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR. Both manufacturers sent cars for display in front of the stage. The Mercedes S-Class decided to start tooting it’s horn as we tried to go on to the next award, but someone nearby had the fob in their pocket, we suppose, since it stopped quickly.

The Automotive Heritage Lifetime Achievement Award went to the Detroit-based veteran journalist and author covering new cars, old cars, motorcycles and other topics, Lindsay Brooke, who has been with the Society of Automotive Engineers media group for the past 15 years and has authored multiple books. We were pleased Lindsay could come accept the award in person while his family was at home packing for a long-planned vacation beginning before dawn the following day. Congratulations Lindsay!

With us again was the Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation with their $2,500 scholarship presented in the name of the Automotive Heritage Foundation. This year’s recipient was Kathrine Cowart who is beginning her studies at Carnegie Mellon University.

We produced a comprehensive and colorful press kit with all the details of the Automotive Heritage Awards. Let us know if you’d like us to send you one.

And, within a few days you’ll be able to see and share the whole event on YouTube. Mark Ducker, Wild Roads Pictures and editor Brad Perkins of Better Planet Media are putting that together now.

We hope you’ll all participate in next year’s Automotive Heritage Awards, and we hope come to the event – perhaps at M1 Concourse again.

Those who couldn’t pick up their awards in person will see them by snail mail soon.

Until then: Enjoy your drive!

See the Full Winners List