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How much fuel does a Formula 1 car use? F1, NASCAR & more compared

Motorsport would be nothing without the fuel that powers it, but how much a car can use, and when, makes up a big part of each series’ regulations.

Traditionally, high fuel consumption was deemed a good thing, proving that a car was being driven at the limit and that view is still shared by many petrolheads across the globe.

But increasingly efficiency, clean energy and sustainability is changing the face of motorsport with hybrid technology providing more and more power for the cars.

Different series take very different approaches to fuel usage and how they power their cars but across the board it is clear that this is an area of motorsport undergoing a process of transformation.

How much fuel does a Formula 1 car use?

Formula 1

Unlike series that allow teams to refuel during the race and effectively use as much fuel as they like, Formula 1

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Chevy Is Hosting a Week of (Chevy-related) Automotive Celebration

From Autoweek

Chevrolet isn’t letting a little thing like the Woodward Dream Cruise cancellation kill its summer. The company is hosting a weeklong virtual car show called Cruisin’ the USA in your Chevrolet, hosted on the company’s social media channels all week.

“Classic car events have served as a place for us to honor Chevrolet’s deep automotive history and its influence on our present and future with car enthusiasts from around the world,” said Steve Majoros, Chevrolet marketing vice president. “Cruisin’ the USA in your Chevrolet is a way for us to keep that spirit alive.”

Each day incorporates a different theme with historic footage, guests, trivia and more. Expect a lot of Chevy love (Luv?) for the brand’s vehicles new and old. We’ll also get a look inside GM’s Heritage Center and check out some custom builds.

Here are the days and topics:

–August 10: The Origins

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Kue Ulang Tahun Cirebon

Mau Party? Ke Strawberry Delight Aja

Di Strawberry delight kami menyediakan berbagai macam kue ulang tahun yang berbagai variasi dan dekorasi sesuai keinginan anda. Ulang tahun adalah hari kelahiran seseorang. Yang menandakan bahwa hari di mulainya kehidupan di dunia ini. Dengan rasa syukurnya seseorang untuk merayakannnya dan bisa berbagi bersama dengan orang-orang yang di sayangnya. Kue ultah cirebon telah menjadi bagian integral dari tradisi ulang tahun di budaya Barat. Kue ini disajikan kepada seseorang pada hari ulang tahunnya, dan sering kali dihiasi dengan lilin kecil yang baru, dengan nama orang tersebut dan / atau pesan ucapan selamat bertuliskan icing. Frasa “Selamat Ulang Tahun” tidak muncul di kue ulang tahun sampai lagu Selamat Ulang Tahun untuk Anda dipopulerkan di awal tahun 1900-an.

Menurut tradisi, orang yang berulang tahun dapat membuat permintaan, yang akan menjadi kenyataan jika semua lilin dapat ditiup dalam satu tarikan napas. Paten AS 6319530 berkaitan dengan “metode memfotokopi … Read More

The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Is the 654-HP, 2174-Pound Successor to the F1

From Road & Track

Gordon Murray holds weekly weight-watchers meetings. He’s not helping people diet, of course. He’s making absolutely certain his new supercar is lighter than his last. Murray takes about six hours every week to meet with his teams and analyze the car’s every component down to the fasteners. “They’re fun,” he says of these sessions. “Well, they’re not fun if you’re one of the designers and your bit’s heavier than the target, but I enjoy them.”

This story originally appeared in the September 2020 issue of Road & Track.

Why so fastidious? Murray’s new car, the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50, is the successor to the sublime McLaren F1. One can’t follow that car without obsessing over every detail.

Even 28 years after its debut, the F1 is still the supercar benchmark. Its driver sits on the centerline of the carbon- fiber monocoque. It weighs

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