Tesla hikes car prices by thousands of dollars as costs for raw materials soar

Tesla, the world’s largest producer of electric cars, has raised the price of its vehicles by thousands of dollars in just the past two weeks as the price of raw materials like metal have skyrocketed

The listed prices of several new Tesla models climbed Tuesday, according to the company website, compared to the prices from March 1. Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted earlier at why prices are rising, saying in a tweet Sunday that the company is “seeing significant recent inflation pressure in raw materials and logistics.”

Tesla’s Model X now costs $114,900, a jump of more than $10,000. The Model S price has risen by $5,000, to $99,990; the Model 3 Performance price by $3,000, to $61,990; and the Model Y price by $4,000, to $62,990.


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