How to get your car repaired at home


YourMechanic is one of a new breed of services that bring the auto repair shop to your driveway.

Brian Cooley/Roadshow

Vehicle parts don’t last forever. Every so often, a moving part fails, and that’s just the way things go. Typically, this means dropping your car off for service and finding a way to get home, and the cost and time lost without a set of wheels can be a huge hassle. Thankfully, there’s another way to do this.

New mobile repair networks such as YourMechanic and Wrench (formerly known as Otobots) are trying to making automotive house calls the new normal. You book the service you want and the exact time you want it (no loose windows like the cable guy) and are given a firm price quote up front. If the job is harder than estimated, they eat the cost as long as it’s not due to complications

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