Opel’s Rocks-e electric vehicle is adorably strange

European automotive manufacturer Opel has revealed a new fully electric car aimed at people living in urban areas that need a very small and compact car that produces no emissions called the Rocks-e. The car is particularly being positioned for young urban drivers because, with this vehicle, kids 15 years old and higher can drive with driving license class AM. The tiny two-seat electric vehicle promises a driving range of up to 75 kilometers using the WLTP test methodology.

Rocks-e is an entry-level electric vehicle that is seen as an alternative to scooters that leave rider and passenger out in the elements. The vehicle is 2.41 meters long and is the smallest EV in the Opel range sitting below the Corsa-E. While pricing is unannounced, Opel claims that its MSRP will be less than users would pay for a typical small car, and a monthly lease payment will be cheaper

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“The Lady and the Dale” Is a Strange, Strange Tale

Automotive enthusiasts might know the story of the Dale three-wheeled car, the promising early-‘70s vehicle that was going to “…put Detroit out of business.” But there’s a lot more to the story than that. Oh man.

The Dale itself was a timely idea. It arrived smack in the middle of the 1973-1974 OPEC oil embargo that had every Malaise-era car owner in America lining up for blocks to get gas. That embargo eventually raised the price of a gallon of fuel by 300 percent. People were getting desperate. Right then, the three-wheeled, two-seated Dale appeared, promising 70 mpg and a sticker price of under $2000.

Give the people what they want.

The Dale concept was originally thought up and a prototype was made by a guy named Dale Clift. Then Elizabeth “Liz” Carmichael made Clift a deal, promising him $3 million in profits if she took over production and development.

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