Trailer Toolbox Tools

If you own a truck, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be not only towing a trailer at some point but owning a trailer, as well. We’ve learned a lot from years of hauling trailers around the country and want to take the opportunity to share the tools and other gear that we keep in our trailer toolbox. We’ve found it important to keep enough supplies to secure a vehicle, fix any issue that might arise with the trailer, and even load non-running vehicles. It’s quite the eclectic group of goods, all stuffed into one small tongue box. So follow along as we take a look at what’s in our trailer toolbox.

We’ve found ourselves hauling around a lot of different things in the past year. Thankfully, our trusty heavy-duty Carson utility trailer has always been up to the task. With an 18-foot deck and pair of eight-lug axles, we’ve

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