How defensive driving techniques would help you avoid being a ‘car-jacking’ victim

With the increasing frequency of car-jacking incidents all of us should perhaps consider taking better precautions, understanding the hazards of where we are going, recognising potential threats before they can escalate and knowing the correct action to take should we need to quickly evade danger.

Clearly this is not anything you want to experience, especially when you have your family on board; that said, if you own a prestigious car it is more likely you could be involved in a “car-napping”, as it’s also becoming known. 

Driving courses covering the skills needed to prepare you for such an awful event are available; some are more extreme than others. These include surveillance and threat detection, evasive action skills and anti-ambush manoeuvres in moving vehicles, in all weathers and various types of road surfaces. 

This sort of training will stand you in good stead should you drive in downtown Johannesburg or Sao

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