Day: April 3, 2021

Relishing The Joys Of A Demolition Derby For Self-Driving Cars

It’s Spring time!

Makes one hark back to visiting local county fairs and doing all the usual things that one does at such events, including eating scrumptious cotton candy, going on the dizzying whirly rides, and of course watching the annual car-smashing demolition derbies.

Demolition derbies were first popularized in the 1960s and 1970s and became what some people consider still today to be a fully bona fide sport, namely a vaunted motorsport, consisting of drivers competing to see which of them can last the longest in an automotive war of attrition. Typically involving at least a half dozen cars, the drivers overtly attempt to ram into the other cars, hoping to stop the other cars from continuing to participate. The last remaining vehicle able to drive on

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Biden aims to juice EV sales, but would his plan work?

Some buyers would find his offer persuasive. Yet Biden’s goal is a daunting one: Even if Congress approves his $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, along with its incentives, it would take many years to replace enough internal combustion vehicles with EVs to make a huge dent in tailpipe emissions.

Right now, there are about 279 million vehicles on the road in the United States. The proportion that are fully electric, according to IHS Markit, is 0.36%. Of the 14.5 million new vehicles that were sold last year, 2% were fully electric.

Even if every new vehicle sold were battery powered — something no one envisions — it would take about 15 years to swap out the entire fleet.

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Rental car shortage hits Volusia County, nation

DAYTONA BEACH — None of the arriving passengers in line with reservations at the rental car counters at Daytona Beach International Airport on Friday was worried about leaving without a vehicle, but the shortage of rental cars unfolding nationally is still having a ripple effect in Volusia County.

“My wife reserved this one two months ago, but the prices are outrageous now,” said Mark Palmer, 62, of Sturbridge, Mass., his keys and paperwork in hand from Hertz. “We rented a small SUV for $400 for three days. We looked at something bigger, a Chevy Tahoe, but they wanted $800 (for the same amount of time).”

As the economic effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continue to unfold, the latest impact is hitting passengers that are starting to return to the skies and the nation’s roadways amid the rollout of vaccines and the gradual reopening of the hard-hit U.S. travel industry.

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