2022 Ford Tremor Off-Road Package vs. Aftermarket Parts


It’s a debate that is as old as time: Is it less expensive to buy the fancy new off-road package straight from the dealer or to piece it together with aftermarket parts? Ford’s recent introduction of the Tremor off-road package to the company’s Ranger, F-150, and F-Series Super Duty has only heated up the discussion. So, is it more cost effective to piece together the parts and build your own “Tremor” or are you better off biting the bullet and purchasing a new Tremor model from the Ford dealer? Let’s dig in and find out!

What Does Ford’s Tremor Package Add?

The content added with the Tremor package varies slightly between the three Ford pickup models, however the main offerings remain the same. All of Ford’s Tremor models have a small increase in ride height, unique springs and shocks, and a full complement of skidplates. They also all feature an electronic locking differential and off-road drive modes. Ranger Tremors get upgraded Fox dampers, and the F-150 offers an optional front Torsen limited-slip differential (like Raptor) and Trail Turn Assist (like Bronco). All Tremors have upgraded all-terrain tires, as well as unique stickers, badging, and towhooks.

What Does Ford’s Tremor Package Cost?

Regardless of whether you choose a Ford Ranger, F-150, F-250 Super Duty, or F-350 Super Duty, the cost of adding the Tremor off-road package is about the same. On Ranger, the Tremor package can be added to both XLT- and Lariat-trimmed trucks and adds $4,290 to the price tag. On Super Duty, the Tremor package can be added to Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum, and can be had with either the 7.3-liter gasoline V-8 or the 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel engine. Tremor adds $4,375 to the price of a Super Duty.

Ford’s F-150 Tremor is a completely different animal. Instead of being an option package, Tremor is sold as a trim. Within the F-150 Tremor trim there are three package options: Standard, Mid, and High. Tremor Standard is similar to an XLT, while Mid best compares to Lariat, and High is similar in standard content to Platinum. It’s a bit difficult to discern cost for the F-150 Tremor package content, however we can say that the Standard Tremor is about $2,800 more expensive than a comparable XLT, while the Mid and High similarly match their Lariat and Platinum counterparts.

Can the Same Parts Be Had From the Aftermarket?

In short, yes, the same off-road parts can be found in the aftermarket, but with a huge asterisk. You can easily head on down to the local 4Wheel Parts and thumb through their catalog. However, while you can get wheels, tires, locking differentials, shocks, springs, and more, they likely won’t be quite the same as what is offered from Ford, and they certainly won’t interface with the truck as seamlessly.

What Does the Ford Tremor Have That the Aftermarket Doesn’t?

If you choose to go the aftermarket route, there are some important pieces that won’t be available. Features such as Ford’s Trail Control and Trail Turn Assist on the F-150 Tremor are only available from Ford. You’ll also be giving up the unique wheels each Tremor receives along with their side steps, painted accents, custom grilles, tow hooks, decals, interior appointments, off-road information screens, and more. You’ll also need to remove the truck’s front air dam and possibly have custom skidplates fabricated.

What Would It Cost To Build a “Tremor”?

The short answer is it would cost significantly more to try and piece a “Tremor” together in the aftermarket than it costs to buy one from Ford. A matching tire and wheel package alone can easily cost $2,000. A locking rear differential will add another $1,000, and a similar leveling kit and shock package will run about another $1,500. And just like that, the most basic aftermarket parts list quickly surpasses the cost of the Tremor package.

So, Is There a Good Reason To Build a Tremor Instead of Buying One?

Of course, there are still a few scenarios where building an off-road truck similar to the Tremor package would prove advantageous. The most common of these would be if you already own a truck and aren’t interested in dropping the cash for a new model. There’s also the possibility that you might want a model or engine that isn’t offered with the package, say a single cab, for example, or 5.0-liter V-8 for the F-150. In those cases it’s going to be better to replicate the Tremor package than to buy a new one.

Watch! 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor First Drive

Want to see the Ford Ranger Tremor in action? Check out this video and see why Ford makes a strong case for the Ranger Tremor becoming a new favorite midsize dirt mobber.

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