2023 Audi RS5 Competition Package: Faster, Louder, Lighter


The Audi RS5 is already kind of a big deal, but that’s not enough for some people. Competitive people. The kind of people who think an RS5 could be faster, handle better, have a more authoritative bark. Of course, there’d have to be some aesthetic differentiators, probably incorporating black and carbon fiber accents and a few faux cows worth of Alcantara. Bigger brakes? Yes please. Well, pat yourself on the back, admirer of enhanced Audis, because you just described the two-door 2023 RS5 Coupe and five-door Sportback’s new Competition Package.

Numbers? Yeah, the Competition Package is doin’ numbers. Top speed is up 25 mph to 180 (or, up 6 mph from the old Dynamic Plus Package—that’s so last year). It’s 0.8 inch lower, too, and Audi tore out some sound insulation to save 18 pounds. That’s dedication. Here’s another series of numbers for you: 13.1:1. That’s what the steering ratio is now fixed at, for extra directness.  

Outside, a number of elements (such as the grille, badging, and front splitter) take on a menacing appearance with gloss black and matte carbon fiber elements. The brake calipers are red, because of course they are, and there’s even an exclusive color available: Sebring Black crystal effect. Inside, Nappa/Dinamica seats, piano black accents, Alcantara touchpoint, and a few yards of red accent stitching set the Competition apart from the lesser RSs. Need another exclamation point? The puddle lamps shine with “RS Competition” logos, to really drive the point home.

Here’s one number that you might like a little less: $16,100. That’s how much the competition package will add to the sizable bottom line of an RS5. Order books open in June 2022.

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