7 Important Cleaning Routines to Keep Your Car Clean and in Great Physical Condition

Cars undoubtedly are a means to facilitate transport for a number of our daily activities. It is important to take care of ourselves, yes. So it is for our cars. But then, we are not cars so how exactly should we take care of them? A number of platforms provide a great deal of information on car cleaning routines. Common ones are uk collected reviews and car companies reviews.

We will provide 7 routines you can follow to keep your car clean and in great physical condition.

1.      Declutter: This should be the first step to follow for an intensive car maintenance routine. It is simply getting rid of unnecessary things in your car. Many of us are guilty of leaving unnecessary objects in our cars, with the intention of “finding them useful someday”. This will gradually mess up the car and at some point, turn it into an automobile bin. That soda bottle that has been in the car for about a week now, I think it’s high time you threw it out, or better still, send it to the recycling unit.

2.      Keeping surfaces clean: Exposed surfaces of your car such as the dashboard, steering wheel and gear lever should be gently wiped with a lint-free auto wipe. This would prevent the accumulation of dust and get rid of the stains on them.

3.      Clean seats: Your car seats could harbour crumbs, hair and sometimes bugs, especially if you have kids or own pets. To remove the stains on the vinyl or leather surfaces, use a melamine foam. An old toothbrush can be used to sweep out the dirt in the cracks of the seat. Also, try as much as possible to clean your car seats as they get stained to prevent a build up of dirt which might become difficult to clean.

4.      Keeping the car body intact: To maintain the worth of your car to an extent, the exterior parts of your car should be kept in a good state as much as the interior. Washing your car regularly, applying protectants, waxing your car and ensuring dents are taken care of would help keep your car in great condition and preserve its value.

5.      Ensure all windows are functional: Confirm that the windows, lights and mirrors of your car are not damaged. Replace any broken part as soon as you can. Clean the windshields regularly to prevent your view of the road from being obscured.

6.      Change air filter: An excessively contaminated air filter can produce an unpleasant smell from the interior vents, and you sure don’t want your car to smell musty. This is why it is generally recommended that you change your car’s air filter after every 12,000 miles it covers. This practice not only reduces emissions but also prolongs the engine’s life which invariably keeps the car in a great physical condition.

7.      Proper maintenance of tyres: Your car tyres are inevitably going to be dirty, as long as you drive the car. If you clean your tyres regularly, you can go longer in between full service car wash. Also, check out for wear and tear. The front tyres wear differently from the rear tyres. To equalise their wear patterns, you should  rotate them regularly.

All these routines mentioned would keep your car in good condition and in the long run, save you money.