Apple is Reportedly Working With TSMC on Developing ‘Self-Driving’ Chips for Apple Car

It has been widely rumored that Apple is working on a self-driving car. There have been numerous reports and rumors in the past that point to Apple developing tech for its own-branded cars. Now, it is being reported that Apple is discussing Apple Car with automotive suppliers. Furthermore, Apple is also said to be in working with TSMC on ‘Self-Driving’ chips for the Apple Car.

Apple to Work With TSMC to Manufacture “Self-Driving Chips” for the Apple Car

The report from DigiTimes, published today, shares alleged details on the Apple Car and its development in Cupertino. The company is said to be in “preliminary cooperation negotiations” with popular automotive suppliers. Moreover, it has also been hiring new staff from companies like Tesla and others to work on the project. The iPhone-maker is working with “upstream and downstream” electronics suppliers in an attempt to ensure adequate regulations.

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The current discussion between Apple and automotive suppliers have been potentially for the “request for quotation” model. The quotation will detail requirements and specifications listed by Apple and its prices will be requested from vendors along with other details. According to the report, Apple is working to set up a factory in the United States. Apple might have a production plan with early technology specifications in place.

Apple Car TSMC

The other part of the report coins that Apple is working with TSMC to manufacture self-driving chips for its own-branded car. TSMC is Apple’s current chip supplier for a wide range of products and it will potentially serve the iPhone-maker on the Apple Car front as well. TSMC will provide some sort of “self-driving chips” for Apple. To bolster the notion, TSMC is also under collaboration with STMicroelectronics in order to develop gallium nitride (GaN) technology. The technology will be used in hybrid car converters as well as chargers. DigiTimes report that TSMC’s collaboration is rumored to point its ways to the Apple Car.

DigiTimes also gave a rough estimate for when Apple could unveil its autonomous vehicle. Apple will potentially unveil the Apple Car from 2021 to 2025. We will hear more details on the Apple Car next year as per the source. Apple’s autonomous vehicle will be similar to that of Tesla. Ming-Chi Kuo also previously stated two years ago that Apple will unveil the Apple Car from 2023 to 2025.

We will share more details on the Apple Car as soon as we have more word. Share your views with us in the comments section below.