G-Power X6 M Typhoon wide-body with 725 HP

Most people agree with the fact that BMW is a dream car. It’s perfect on the inside and outside. But sometimes, we want to stand out from the crowd. That’s why some car owners change the car’s color, add some stickers or drawings, etc. 

However, today, one of the most popular services is installing a BMW x6 widebody. Keep reading the article to learn more about the procedure. 

What is a Body Kit?

A body kit for a car is a set of alternative vehicle details. Typically, the set includes spoilers, a rear bumper, a front bumper, steering wheels, widebody elements, etc. But why do people install these details? One of the reasons is to change the exterior of a car. Eventually, the vehicle looks differently, more fierce.

Another reason is to protect the car from damage. Body kit manufacturers create details by using the following materials:

  • basalt; 
  • carbon fiber; 
  • fiberglass;
  • polyurethane.

These materials are resistant to most types of damage. Most companies producing body kits allow clients to choose customized sets. A set may include only spoilers or bumpers, or it may consist of a widebody. 

What is a Widebody?

As the name hints, a widebody kit replaces the standard widebody. In some cases, the kit may also include other car details such as extended wheel arches, much more massive bumpers, and hoods. Installing a customized widebody makes a car look more “muscular,” massive, even without installing a full kit. Typically, a widebody is also made of basalt, fiberglass, carbon, etc. 

Benefits of a Body Kit

Apart from the obvious reason that the body kit, or a widebody, creates a unique and beautiful car appearance, there are other reasons to install alternative details. To name a few:

  • most types of damage resistance;
  • fiercer appearance;
  • improved balance;
  • better aerodynamics (depending on what parts you choose).

As mentioned, body kit parts are made of specific materials. These materials protect critical car details. Moreover, these replaced details are resistant to damage. It means when you are driving the car, there is a low chance of getting mechanical damage. Usually, small rocks damage the car and create scratches unless you install a body kit. 

Renegade Design Vehicle Transformation

Renegade is one of those companies that create high-quality body kits. The company allows you to choose the material, color, and body kit parts. Then the order is delivered to the dealership office, and the mechanic installs the kit. 

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