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Planning a trip to the United Kingdom can be both exciting and intimidating, especially when it comes to road transport. Driving in the United Kingdom, like driving in any other country, has its own peculiarities. However, visit OpinionesEspana to get the information on the legal authorities that are also reviewed by people. 

However, how do you drive a Spanish car in the United Kingdom? If you are not a UK citizen, you can drive a car in Spain for up to 6 months without registering it in the UK. If you are a UK citizen, you are not allowed to operate any car that is not licensed in the UK. If you’re thinking of selling a car in Spain, it can have different procedures but the point to consider here is whether you can drive a Spain-registered car in the UK or not. 

How to Use a Foreign Car in the UK If You Are Visiting?

If you’re just considering a quick trip to the United Kingdom, you’re in heaven because the UK allows tourists to drive their own vehicles on UK highways for up to 6 months. You must register your vehicle, pay associated taxes, and obtain coverage in the UK if you are running your car in the UK for a total of six months, regardless of how many times you leave the country.

For people traveling to the United Kingdom regularly for work or to see relatives, this can be a challenge. You must have a record of your visits to the UK if you don’t want any penalties.


In preparation to use your automobile in the United Kingdom, you and your vehicle must meet certain conditions. These specifications, in most instances, would not be hard to fulfill and are very fair. 

  1. The driver must have evidence of authorization to operate the vehicle. This is to aid in the prevention of car theft.
  2. On the front and back of the vehicle, the identification number must be visible. 
  3. So that certain law enforcement officers can interpret it, registrations must be written in Latin characters and Arabic characters. 
  4. On the back of the car, there must be some indication of which state the automobile is recorded in i.e.  number plate.
  5. In the state where it is authorized, the car must be legally acceptable to drive on the road.

Moreover, if you are driving your car in your country with the proper authentication, then there’s no issue in driving a car in the UK for a quick holiday. 


Parking is the main issue wherever you go. Whether you take your own car or rent one, you should be familiar with the law of that country where you’re taking the car. Make sure you have space for your car until you arrive in the United Kingdom. However, it implies to that point if you’re in a crowded city like London. In certain places, parking is difficult to come by. 

These are the important points to consider when driving a car in the UK without being a resident.