Car Subscriptions and Services – Are You Onto Something?

Karfu - Car subscriptions: what are they, and which services are available  to you?

Onto is a company that offers only electric vehicles as part of a subscription service to make driving more affordable and sustainable. Owning a car is a big responsibility, not to mention all of the costs that comes with it. Onto aims to make driving more flexible by letting people subscribe to the use of a car, rather than having to own it themselves, and also only offering electric vehicles to make an effort towards sustainable driving. A car is an excellent investment because you don’t have to travel via taxi, bus or train, but it does bear a lot of responsibility. This includes insurance, maintenance, petrol costs every month, getting a car service every year, and repairing any damages. The list could go on! However, if you instead opt for a car subscription, you get the benefit of being able to drive around without all of the many responsibilities. However, if you do own a car, you need to know everything about having it serviced. 

What is a Car Service?

A car service usually occurs once a year or each time a car reaches a particular mileage. It refers to when the vehicle has to be tested and checked to ensure it still works, to improve its efficiency and prevent any damage or destruction. A car service is carried out at regular intervals to check, maintain and improve your car’s health. The car service you choose will depend on how long you’ve had the car, how often you use it, and its service history

Types of Car Services

There are three main kinds of car services. A full service usually takes place every 12 months and includes checking all the mechanics of the car, such as the air filter, the spark plugs, the battery and the breaks. A significant service occurs every 24 months and will follow after a complete service. This service checks for other things not included in a full service, such as brake fluid. Lastly, an interim service is for drivers who drive a lot and need more than one service each year. This service can take place every few months and includes checking all the car parts, such as tyres, wipers and headlights. 

Why is a Car Service Important? 

Car services are not essential. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry and has your car serviced so that you can drive on the road knowing your vehicle is healthy and safe. You should service your vehicle because it means your car is more dependable. Moreover, it means that one day when you try to sell it, someone will likely buy it because the car’s health is guaranteed, based on its last service. Having your vehicle serviced also improves your brakes and engine operation, meaning your vehicle will feel smoother and better to drive because it will be in the best possible driving condition. 

Everything Else You Need to Know

A car service usually takes a few hours, depending on which type you choose. If anything needs to be done, it can take longer. They are expensive and cost more than £200. Many private car service companies will offer the same for a lower price. 

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