Citi Bike Unveils New E-Bikes With Greater Range, LCD Screens


NEW YORK CITY — Citi Bike’s popular e-bikes are getting a sleek new upgrade.

The ride service will roll out a fleet of redesigned electric bicycles in May, according to Lyft, the ride service that runs Citi Bike.

Riders will immediately notice major changes — a new form factor, a smooth one-speed motor, greater battery capacity and range, as well as an LCD screen and LED lights, according to a Lyft announcement.

Existing Citi Bike members will get first crack at riding the new bikes as membership perk that will last at least a “couple months,” the announcement states.

Ebikes have become the first choice of Citi Bike riders,” said Laura Fox, who is Lyft’s general manager for Citi Bike, in a statement. “Our new ebike is the best yet with a beautiful modern design, industry leading safety technology, and a low carbon footprint.”

E-bikes are now the most popular option for Citi Bike riders, accounting for two- to three-times more rides than traditional bicycles in the fleet, according to the Lyft announcement.

The redesigned e-bikes can go even farther than before. Their battery capacity has been improved to 60 miles and a single charge, the announcement states.

They also have a single-gear transmission that means riders won’t have to shift on hills, according to the announcement.

In addition, the e-bikes will have new safety features such as an LED beacon ring light, retro reflective paint, safety sensors and a hydraulic rear brake, the announcement states. The LCD screen will provide tutorials on unlocking, parking and other things, according to the announcement.

Again, the e-bikes will only be available for Citi Bike members.

“For those who aren’t already members, Lyft will offer a 15-day free trial to experience all the perks of membership,” the announcement states.

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