Different Car Manufacturers In Denmark

<strong>Different Car Manufacturers In Denmark</strong>

There is quite a large number of cars in the world with different manufacturers. However, only a few countries can boast of having at least 2. In Denmark, it’s pertinent to note that there are different car manufacturers, and should you want to get a car made and manufactured in the country, you’ll find this article very helpful. 

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The different car manufacturers have been able to stand the test of time, and while some are no longer in existence, the others are regarded as some of the best in Denmark and the world at large. They are as follows:- 

1- Anglo-Dane Car Manufacturing Company 

The Anglo-Dane automobile company ceased to be in existence in 1945, a company that was originally established from 1902 to 1917 by H. C. Fredriksen of Copenhagen. Although this type of car is no longer in existence, a few Danish car companies can help maintain your cars or offer to rent you one depending on your choice. 

2- Zenvo Automotive

Zenvo Automotive is a car manufacturing company founded by Troels Vollertsen. The company’s name is derived from the last four and first two letters of his name. Unlike the two companies stated above, Zenvo is an active manufacturing company founded in 2004 with classy cars to its name. 

One of its cars is estimated to be worth around $1.65 million, which is unaffordable to more than half of the Danish population. Nevertheless, the company’s existence is a huge gain concerning tax payments and the country’s development. Knowing how to pay taxes in Denmark is essential if you own a company or business. 

3- Brems

Brems, at its inception, was the first ever made in Denmark car in the year 1900. The car got its name from the manufacturer’s second name; Julius Brems, and the company lasted for just seven years, producing a total of 8 cars; one per year, as the last one was manufactured in 1908. Although there’s no stated reason why the company stopped functioning, it was assumed that it ran out of finance and became bankrupt. 

4- Dansk Automobile

Dansk Automobile existed between 1901 to 1907. Within 6 years, the car manufacturing company could produce a small number of light buses and trunks, having started as a bicycle repair shop. Dansk automobile is otherwise known as Dansk & Christiansen.


Although Denmark has several car manufacturers, most have gone extinct. Nevertheless, they are all still regarded as manufacturing companies as they occupy the history books. It’s essential to take cognizance of the information above, especially when you’re a car enthusiast who wants or needs made-in-Denmark cars

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