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February is the month of love, and for many people, that means trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. The same goes for cars. It isn’t easy finding the right one, and many have personalities of their own. So why not choose your next car as you would a date? The car experts at Edmunds have evaluated five cars with distinct personalities in the hopes of matching you with the next automotive love of your life.

We’ve listed the vehicles in ascending order of price and added destination fees to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.


A hopeless romantic is someone who can’t help but love someone who may not always make the most sense. The Mazda MX-5 Miata has attractive styling, is fun to drive, and can rekindle the love you once had for a manual transmission. But the Miata isn’t for everyone because it only seats two, doesn’t have much cargo space, and isn’t the best choice for colder climates.

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Still, you’ll be smitten with its engaging handling, simple convertible top operation, and all-around fun when cruising around your favorite roads and highways. It brings out lots of emotions, just like hopeless romantics do. The rear-wheel-drive roadster is offered in three trim levels: the base Sport, the performance-enhanced Club and the premium Grand Touring.


Some people can’t resist someone with an attitude, someone who likes to make their presence known and maybe ruffle a few feathers along the way. The large, loud and aggressive-looking Dodge Challenger coupe would be a perfect match in the car world. Streets aren’t safe with this tire-shredding beast around. There’s even a new trim called Jailbreak.

The standard V6 engine is nice, but more muscle equals more attitude. That’s why getting one of the Challenger’s available V8 engines is essential. And you might as well go straight to the top with the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 found in the Challenger SRT Hellcat that cranks out 717 horsepower. But even bad boys and girls have soft spots, and the Challenger obliges with its comfortable ride, supportive seats and a quiet cabin.


If you’re looking for a partner to explore the outdoors, spontaneously travel, and venture off the beaten path with, then the Jeep Wrangler is the perfect companion. This American icon can take you just about anywhere your heart desires thanks to its capable four-wheel-drive system, high ground clearance and advanced off-road features.

This adventure partner comes in different flavors. You can choose a toned-down Sport model, a more premium Sahara Altitude or the outrageous V8-powered Rubicon 392. Off-road features such as large off-terrain tires and lockable axles are plentiful, but this off-roading explorer isn’t all brawn. You can option it with other goodies like an 8.4-inch touchscreen and adaptive cruise control.


If you’re always the first to buy the latest gadgets or download the newest firmware update, there’s a great chance you’ll love the Tesla Model 3. This electric vehicle packs more advanced tech than an Apple store.

Its all-touchscreen interface can be distracting when driving, and its so-called Full Self-Driving system is still in beta and not quite fully baked. But there are still video games, Netflix, karaoke and other Easter eggs to keep you entertained. It even gets automatic over-the-air updates, allowing you to geek out for a long-term relationship.

The Model 3 comes in three versions, each with different driving ranges and power to best suit your automotive desires. There’s even some rational justification for this pick: The Model 3 is the Edmunds Top Rated EV for 2022.


They say that opposites attract, so if you’re an introverted person with money in your pocket, you might be drawn to the Mercedes G-Class. Extroverts tend to stand out and enjoy being the life of the party. The tall, boxy and loud off-roader will draw all the needed attention, whether it’s pulling up to your favorite nightclub or cruising down the boulevard.

The G-Class is powerful and quick thanks to its turbocharged V8 and has enough luxury and space to seat up to five people in comfort. If you want to spice up the already extravagant G-Class, opt for the AMG model and pay extra for the eye-catching 22-inch wheels and bright Jupiter Red color.

Buying a car and finding a date are similar in some ways, so if you treat car shopping as you do finding a date, you might have a better chance of landing the car of your dreams.

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