Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod Concept Design Revealed: How Much Will it Cost to Make the Futuristic Car a Reality

The car designer Matteo Gentile just released a modern concept design of the Lancia Stratos Zero from 1970. Fans who loved the vehicle can definitely look forward to the new Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod.

In the long and illustrious automotive history, not many cars can be as memorable as the Lancia Stratos Zero. Now despite being decades old, a concept design that modernized this vehicle is currently trending on the internet.

It should be emphasized that the Italian car manufacturer Lancia is in no way related to the Lancia Stratos Zero and Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod. Simply put, the vehicles are inspired from the company, but are not manufactured by them.

Lancia Stratos Zero Details and Specs

To better understand the Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod, fans should be familiar with the original Lancia Stratos Zero from 1970. According to Techeblog, this is a vehicle designed by the famous Italian car designer Marcello Gandini which debuted at Turin Motor Show in 1970.

Many recognized this design as one which is far ahead of its time. Up to date, Lancia Stratos Zero is memorable for its sleek, smart, and luxurious bodywork.

YouTuber 19Bozzy92 posted a video of this iconic vehicle in action. Sources say the car was powered by a 1.6L Lancia Fulvia V4 engine that could produce up to 130 hp.

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Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod Specs and Price

Despite its design, the Lancia Stratos Zero is obviously outdated when compared to the current top-of-the-line vehicles. So Gentile took up the challenge to create a modern concept design for the popular vehicle.

Gentile conceptualized that his Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod will share the same wedge shape as its predecessor, but its doors will intersect with the roof for a much more seamless design. According to Carscoops, the end result was is a low-slung, mid-engine supercar with a purple-green color.

The design especially emphasized a LED light bar, a carbon-fiber splitter and a bunch of carbon-fiber air intake shrouds. The car is also equipped with large vents to further take advantage of aerodynamics.

Note that the car boasts a lot of luxurious features. Its complex carbon-fiber wheels are designed with gold locks, and it uses LED taillights.

Lastly, the Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod features four centrally-exiting tailpipes and a carbon-fiber diffuser.

Techeblog noted that if the original concept car sold in 2011 for $832,565, then this newly updated version with its upgraded engine could double that number. So this vehicle might cost $1.5 million or more, especially if it is sold in limited quantities.

However, at the time of writing, the Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod exists solely as a concept design. Car manufacturers have yet to acknowledge this masterpiece, and there is no update regarding its manufacturing. So fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about actually buying this supercar.

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