There are many different types of vehicles out there that could take advantage of extra storage space. When looking at your vehicle you can see that you have a lot of space that you should be able to use, however, once you start packing, everything seems to change. Where did all that extra space go?

This is why learning to pack your 4×4, ute or other vehicle is very important. Of course having 4wd storage drawers installed in your ute or SUV makes a big difference in the amount of stuff you can store. But even without drawers, by using these tricks you’ll be able to fit more in your vehicle.

The least used items

You want to start with your least used items. These are the items that you won’t use that much or will be used at the end of your trip. Placing these items at the back will give you more room to play with and keep the items you need first more accessible.

Heavy items

The heavy items should go more towards the bottom of your vehicle floor. These heavy items will shift and move if placed off the ground level. Also, if you place them higher up they may break items below them.

Match shapes

Lots of items that we take with us on trips may have odd shapes. You may have square or rectangular suitcases and you may have round or odd shaped bags. If you can, try to coordinate all of these shapes into piles outside of the vehicle. When you do this, you can start to grab and stack them as you see spaces form in your vehicle.

Numbering your items

A great trick that some people don’t even realise is possible is to number your items that you put into your vehicle. Taking a sticker or placing a tag on the item will help you keep items straight. Starting from one side of your vehicle you just put in bag one then two then three. This way you can find the perfect combination for your vehicle which can then be repeated over and over again.

Preload your items

Packing your vehicle can take a long time or can be a real chore. A great way to relieve the stress of packing is to preload your items. What this generally means is that you want to take the always used items and keep them in your vehicle. These are items that you use on a daily basis, have no need to keep in your home and just take up space. When you keep these items in your vehicle you don’t have to worry about them, and you will always have them as needed.

Create a system

So far you have been given some details, ideas and tips to load your 4×4 and other vehicles. From here you can start to experiment and see what works for you. In your experimentation, don’t discount the idea of adding 4wd storage drawers to your vehicle. They’re a great way to expand capacity.

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