Legendary Mk 4 Supra Race Car Barn Find

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This is an incredible resurrection.

The Mk IV Supra is one of Japan’s most infamous predators, supercar styling equipped with the high-tech 2JZ engine combine to create one of Japan’s most well-known sports cars of its time. Due to the focus on performance with the MkIV Supra, the car also quickly rose to success in the world of high-speed racing. Much of its claim to fame comes from TOM’S Castrol Supra, that car would go on to destroy the competition in GT500 racing. One might not be too far off in saying that the Supra helped to cement the Japan Grand Touring Car Championship into the minds and hearts of racing enthusiasts around the globe.

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Somewhere in the Chugoku region of Japan, there sits a warehouse, this warehouse once held one TOM’S Castrol Supra Legend! In 1998 the car was rediscovered, it has been sitting since its last race this is suggested by the fact that there are visible scratches and damage that may have occurred on the track. Though the bright green, red, and white livery are still present, the car does have a significant problem when it comes to the engine. That problem, mainly, is that it isn’t in the car. However, TOM’S says that the engine and car were found together and they now plan to restore the car to its former race-ready glory.

The truly astonishing piece of this Supra puzzle is not the car itself, however. TOM’S Racing has started a crowd-funding project to make this racing icon ready to hit the track once more. In exchange for a donation to this automotive cause you are offered several rewards. The goal is 50,000,000 yen or about USD 466,000, a small contribution to that goal will earn you a shared spot on the car with your name on it. This is contrasted by the rewards for a more extreme donation, being in the 10’s of thousands of dollars, gets your name on the seat, the race passes, access to TOM’S Racing hospitality suite, and the chance to rent one of their race cars for a fun day at the track.

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