Liquid nitrogen ice cream and its cool clouds of vapor served from central Pa. food truck


The Kessler spouse and children is rolling close to central Pennsylvania in a new mobile truck serving cool treats designed with a bit of science in the blend.

Nitro Freeze Business serves liquid nitrogen ice product in a selection of pleasurable flavors at designated stops in neighborhoods and nearby occasions. at?v=8djtvu9yppI

“We played with it and have been carrying out a large amount of diverse flavors. The ice cream has no air in it, so it is dense,” reported Steve Kessler, co-proprietor with his spouse, Lisa Kessler, and their daughters, Isabella and Alexandra.

Kessler, who operates The Rolling Grill foodstuff truck, said his grown daughters arrived up with the thought for the nitrogen ice cream truck, which the loved ones built past fall. The Kesslers are joined in the organization enterprise by relatives pal, Nicole Like.

The liquid ice cream craze has been all around for a couple of decades and was designed common by solutions this sort of as frozen Dragon’s Breath frozen snacks. The odorless, colorless and tasteless nitrogen is utilized to flash freeze the ice product and benefits in a creamier merchandise with a lot less air than regular ice cream.

The 16-foot very long Nitro Freeze truck is equipped with non-harmful meals grade nitrogen able of developing about two times worthy of of ice cream, Kessler claimed. The nitrogen is dispensed by way of a valve into a KitchenAid mixer employed to make modest batches of the ice product.

Prospects can observe the course of action and see the puffs of nitrogen from the mixer.

Nitro Freeze serves about 4 to six flavors of ice cream and sorbet from a rotating selection that includes lemon, lemon raspberry, strawberry and mango sorbets. Ice cream flavors variety from important lime to Butterfinger, peanut butter and jelly, salted caramel pretzel and chocolate peanut butter.

Kessler said they use Hershey’s and Reese’s solutions which include candies and peanut butter in the creations. Rates are about $7.99 for cups and $9.99 for sundaes.

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