London Taxi Companies Want to Ban the Chauffeur Driven Viano


In the past, whenever there was more than four passengers, clients used to book a chauffeur driven limousine to do their London to Heathrow/Gatwick airport transfer or evening hire in until the Chrysler Grand Voyager came on the London Chauffeur scene which changed the rules forever. Today we don’t see many limousines in and around London with the exception to the American limousines like the Hummer and the Cadillac appearing around the West End of London every weekend and the chauffeur driven Mercedes Benz E class and Pullman limousines in the Central London area every summer used, favoured and afforded almost only by the Middle Eastern Arab Royals and dignitaries visiting the United Kingdom. Since the launch of the Mercedes Benz Viano / Vito, the use of the chauffeur driven Chrysler Grand Voyager became less and less. As a matter of fact, the chauffeur driven Mercedes Benz Viano / Vito has become so popular, its name should become the official Oxford dictionary replacement for people carrier with driver.

Now recently Mercedes Benz have managed to get the Mercedes Benz Vito People Carrier up to spec to equal and indeed rival the famous London Black Cab / Taxi. Legislation has been put through and approved by the LTPH (London Taxi Private Hire) formerly known as the PCO (Public Carriage Office) which is the licensing authority for all London Taxis / Cabs and Private Hire Vehicles including Chauffeur driven cars, sedans and saloons. At the beginning the London Taxi trade has been a little bit wary of buying the Mercedes Benz Vito Black Cab / Taxi but today for every Standard FX4 cab sold there is one Vito Taxi going onto the London streets.

This is obviously a ridiculous attempt by the cabbies in London to have yet another go at the other side of the ground transportation industry in London namely the chauffeur companies just like they tried to attack many London companies who supply a very professional car service to the Capital’s restaurants and clubs.

There are many differences between a London Vito Taxi and Chauffeur driven Viano motor cars that are doing a professional job in and around the city. It is time yet again for the licensed Private hire chauffeur companies using the Mercedes Benz Viano and any London car service company using the Mercedes Benz Vito to stand up and be counted against this weak attack from the London hackney carriage trade.

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