Sinotruk wearing parts list and maintenance skills


1. Sinotruk Chassis Parts

Chassis refers to the combination of the transmission system, driving system, steering system and brake system on the car. It supports and installs the car engine and its components and assemblies to form an overall shape that bears the power of the engine and ensures normal operation. drive.

Chassis vulnerable parts include: gearbox: gear and shaft, shift fork shaft, shift lever, shift fork, transmission fasteners; front axle: differential transmission, steering mechanism, steering tie rod, steering wheel, steering Column pipe, shell, hydraulic oil tank and connecting parts, hose; Brake: drum brake, brake tray, wheel brake wheel cylinder, brake shoes with brake pads, brake cable, brake master cylinder , Compensation tank, brake fluid, brake hard pipe, brake hose, brake booster, grappling brake, disc brake caliper.

2. Sinotruk engine parts 

Sinotruk’s engine series adopts advanced technology and is famous for its reliability, durability and fuel efficiency. Sinotruk’s engines come in a variety of models, including the WD615 series, equipped with turbochargers, intercoolers and high-pressure common rail fuel injection systems to deliver higher performance with fewer emissions. The engine also features a multi-valve design that provides higher combustion efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

Engine wearing parts include: oil filter, air filter, gasoline filter, spark plug, air conditioning filter, etc.

3. Sinotruk Cabin Parts

The truck body design is based on advanced computer modeling technology to ensure uniform stress distribution and high structural strength. Sinotruk’s truck body is made of high-strength steel, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and non-deformable. The body design maximizes cargo space and transportation efficiency, making it the first choice for customers in the logistics and transportation industry. The hull design also takes into account ease of access and maintenance. The hatches are strategically placed to provide easy access to critical components for easy maintenance. The robust, reliable design of the truck body increases uptime and reduces maintenance costs.

Body wearing parts include bumpers, bumper clips, headlights, taillights, decorative lights, front and rear shock absorbers, buffer blocks, triangle arms, tie rod ball joints, lower ball joints, door handles, etc.

For the maintenance of the above three important components, we can refer to the process

1. Body maintenance

(1) Regular inspection and cleaning To ensure that the truck body remains structurally sound and able to withstand heavy loads over time, regularly inspect the truck body for signs of wear such as cracks, rust, or deformation.

(2) Detect and repair any defects in a timely manner to prevent further damage and maintain the structural integrity of the truck body.

(3) Regular cleaning is also important to maintain the appearance of the truck body and prevent corrosion. Thorough cleaning should be done after each use, especially if the truck body is exposed to harsh weather conditions or caustic chemicals. To extend the life of your truck body, Sinotruk recommends using only genuine factory replacement parts and accessories.

All in all, regular maintenance and inspections, proper cleaning, and the use of genuine factory replacement parts are critical to keeping Sinotruk’s heavy-duty truck bodies in top condition. Proper maintenance can avoid costly repairs and downtime, ensuring that truck bodies are Reliable and efficient operation throughout its lifetime.

2. Chassis maintenance

Proper maintenance of truck chassis is critical to ensuring reliable and safe operation.

(1) Regular inspection and cleaning help prevent premature wear, and the chassis should be inspected for damage and defects at least every three months. This includes checking for cracks, corrosion, and any parts that may be loose or misaligned.

(2) Regular cleaning is also important to maintain the appearance of the chassis and prevent corrosion and rust. After each use, the case should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust and debris that may have accumulated on the bottom. Also, any areas that are particularly prone to corrosion, such as around the wheels and suspension components, deserve extra attention.

(3) Another important aspect of chassis maintenance is lubrication. Lubrication of the various moving parts of the chassis, such as suspension and steering components, helps reduce friction and prevent wear. A qualified mechanic should be consulted to ensure the correct lubricant is used and applied correctly.

In conclusion, regular maintenance and inspections, proper cleaning and lubrication are essential to ensure the reliable operation of a truck chassis during its service life. By maintaining your vehicle, you can help avoid costly repairs and downtime, and ensure your truck remains safe and reliable for years to come.

  1. Proper maintenance of Sinotruk engines

Proper maintenance of Sinotruk engines is essential to ensure optimum performance, reliability and service life. Regular maintenance includes regular maintenance and timely repairs when necessary.

(1) Regular maintenance should include regular oil changes, air filter changes, and inspection of important engine components such as spark plugs and belts. Neglecting regular maintenance can result in reduced fuel efficiency, reduced engine power, and potentially expensive repairs.

(2) In addition to regular maintenance, it is also important to promptly address any problems or warning signs. These could include unusual engine noises, warning lights on the dashboard, or decreased performance.

(3) Proper storage and use of the engine also plays a vital role in maintenance. Engines should be stored in a dry and cool place to prevent corrosion and should be run regularly to avoid problems with dust or moisture buildup.

Tips for maintenance of vulnerable parts of Sinotruk trucks

For Sinotruk vehicles, regular maintenance of wearing parts is essential to ensure optimal performance and prolong service life. Here are some basic tips for routine maintenance:

(1) Regularly check engine oil and fluid levels, including engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant.

(2) Pay close attention to the tires for any signs of wear, damage, or low pressure. Rotate tires at recommended intervals to increase their life.

(3) Regularly clean and check the air filter to prevent dust or debris from entering the engine.

(4) Check the brakes for wear, including brake pads, rotors and calipers. when they are worn down to the recommended minimum thickness.

(5) Replace them from time to time. Check the suspension system and replace any damaged or worn parts such as shock absorbers, struts and ball joints.

(6) Change the engine oil and oil filter regularly, and follow the recommended oil change cycle.

By following these maintenance tips, you can keep your Sinotruk vehicle running smoothly, avoid costly repairs, and extend its life. Ensuring that wearing parts are well maintained is critical to ensuring vehicle safety, performance and reliability.

To sum up, regular maintenance and timely replacement of wearing parts are very important to ensure reliable and safe operation. Proper use, maintenance and storage of your vehicle and engine will help minimize downtime, reduce costly repairs and extend the life of your truck.

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