Nissan GT-R could get race tech before going hybrid

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Nissan will add the mighty GT-R to its range of electrified cars, if a rumor coming out of Japan is accurate. It will drag the coupe into hybrid territory before consigning it to the automotive attic about halfway through the 2020s.

Electrifying the GT-R is challenging, because the model was launched in 2007 and not developed with gasoline-electric (or pure electric) technology in mind. Making it a hybrid is a must, however. Japanese magazine Best Car learned the firm isn’t worried about its fleet-wide CO2 emissions, it sells enough EVs to avoid hefty fines, but it needs to make sure the GT-R complies with strict new noise regulations coming into effect in the coming years.

In other words, the GT-R needs to go hybrid or (loudly) retire, and Nissan wants to keep it around for at least a few more years. It will give the

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Karma’s new GS-6 hybrid is a cheaper version of its luxury sports car

Electric vehicle startup Karma Automotive has fully revealed its newest hybrid car, the GS-6. While it shares the same design as the company’s ultra-luxury sedan, the Revero GT, Karma is pricing the GS-6 at nearly half the price — $83,900 — in a bid to reach a much wider set of customers.

Karma says it’s able to do that because it plans to make more cars at its California production plant, is making them more efficiently, and has streamlined its supply chain, according director of public relations Jeff Holland. “It helps that our parent company also owns our battery supplier A123 Systems, but over the past few years we have also seen a substantial reduction in the cost of lithium ion batteries and other EV-related components including other items such as motors and generators,” Holland told The Verge in an email.

If the new car is successful, Karma could

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Hybrid power needed to lure new manufacturer

With automotive companies increasingly distancing themselves from internal combustion engines in favour of hybrid or fully-electric powertrains, NASCAR has found itself in a quandary over its use of V8 engines while trying to maintain relevance to potential new OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) entering the series.

Since Dodge withdrew from Cup at the end of the 2012 season, discussions with potential new manufacturers to join Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota have been commonplace, but such talks have not led to any company committing to enter the series. 

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“I would be surprised if a new OEM came in without some sort of electrification, and I am not talking about all electric, I am talking about a hybrid system,” Phelps explained ahead of this weekend’s season-opening Daytona 500. “It is obviously something we are exploring right now with our existing three OEMs. The question is what is it, and what is the

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Plug-in hybrid super sedan coming soon

Mercedes-Benz AMG is readying a new plug-in hybrid version of its GT 4-Door Coupe.

Our spy shots show a prototype of the AMG sedan with a concealed flap on its rear fascia, located just below the taillight on the right. On the corresponding rear fender is the regular filler cap.

When the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Concept bowed in 2017 as a preview of the GT 4-Door Coupe, the striking show car packed a powerful electrified V-8 under the hood. So far such a powertrain hasn’t taken shape but that is now about to change. In fact, AMG has already teased it. A debut will take place later this year and we should see the car reach showrooms as a 2022 model.

2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 73e 4-Door Coupe spy shots - Photo credit: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 73e 4-Door Coupe spy shots – Photo credit: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

The electrified sedan will be positioned as the range-topper in the GT 4-Door Coupe lineup,

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