Innovative automotive education at Louisa County High School | News

One of Louisa County High School’s main goals is to send students off into the world with real-world skills. Many students drive yet know nothing about car maintenance or what to do when there is a flat tire or loose bolt.

Junior Jacob Bundrick was at home one day playing a video game called “Car Mechanic Simulator,” when he was struck with an idea. 

“Car Mechanic Simulator is an immersive simulator game that puts you in the role of a mechanic, who owns a shop and completes car maintenance and repair jobs,” Bundrick said. 

After Jacob’s father Bo Bundrick, the schools’ director of Career and Technical Education and Workforce Development, walked in on him one day playing the game, they realized that it was not only fun but could be implemented in more ways than just entertainment. 

“The game is very in-depth and accurate to how mechanics operate in the

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