Car Owners Save Time with Mobile Service

Here’s a different way to get your car an oil change: You make an appointment online, a mobile mechanic drives to your home or office to do the work, you receive an emailed invoice and you pay online. 

Customers who have used this service have told the provider that it saves them the time that would have otherwise been spent at the shop and reduces the inconvenience of being without their vehicle while it’s getting serviced. 

This option is offered by OOROO Auto, an auto repair and maintenance provider with three shops in Arizona, in order to make car care compatible with people’s schedules and lifestyles. 

“From day one, we set out to pioneer a new, more convenient way to deliver car care to vehicle owners,” OOROO Auto Founder and CEO Jeff Artzi told PYMNTS. 

Enabling Communication Throughout the Service Experience 

Together with the app and mobile operations that

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Blitz helps Toyota GR86 owners make some truly wild custom rides

One of the better sports cars for automotive enthusiasts looking for a lightweight ride suited to the track is the Toyota GR86 and its Subaru BRZ twin. At a time when both rear-wheel drive and manual transmissions are becoming rare in cars, the GR86 offers both. In most areas, you won’t see many GR86 cars on the roads because they are one of the rarest Toyotas of all.

Via Blitz

Blitz Concept Parts

Despite the GR86 not being particularly common, many owners want to customize their vehicles for more style and performance. A company from Japan called Blitz has announced a full line of GR86 concept parts to improve style and performance for the road and racetrack. The company offers a line of upgrade parts for the vehicle’s interior, under the hood, suspension, and body kit components.

Under the Hood

Components under development include a Carbon Power Air Cleaner, which

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Car owners can’t get their phone to talk to their in-car entertainment

Is your smartphone not connecting to your in-car entertainment? And is it driving you mad?! Well, you’re not alone.

The J.D Power Initial Quality Study surveys new model car owners. This year it found the top complaint to be Android Auto/Apple CarPlay connectivity.

According to Dave Sargent, vice president of automotive quality at J.D. Power:

This year there are many examples of smartphone technology not working as intended in new vehicles. With more vehicles being fitted with the wireless technology owners want, the study reveals an increase in connectivity problems between smartphones and vehicles, leaving many owners unhappy.

He notes that while carmakers generally are at the coalface for owner complaints, but the problem is shared:

Owners don’t care who’s at fault—they just want their phone and their vehicle to talk to each other.

25% of all problems reported by vehicle owners fall under the category, and six out of

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10 Best Home Improvement And Repair Books For Owners

If you are still searching for inspiring ideas, look no additional than one of the best home improvement shows on TV. The genius recommendation and friendly hosts are nice motivation for finally tackling that DIY project you have been putting off.

How would you modernize your home in 2020?

DIYs 25 Ways to Update Your Home in 2020 1. Paint. Paint is your buddy.
2. Architectural details. This is one of my favorites.
3. Painting brick. We transformed the front of our house by painting the brick.
4. Home decor hacks.
5. Mini barn door.
6. painting concrete.
7. paint a piece of furniture.
8. Rescue a piece of furniture.
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I took issues into my own arms and did a DIY toilet renovation with a $four hundred finances. Luckily, I was able to find tile on sale at Lowe’s, so I tiled my own toilet flooring with a … Read More