Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod Concept Design Revealed: How Much Will it Cost to Make the Futuristic Car a Reality

The car designer Matteo Gentile just released a modern concept design of the Lancia Stratos Zero from 1970. Fans who loved the vehicle can definitely look forward to the new Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod.

In the long and illustrious automotive history, not many cars can be as memorable as the Lancia Stratos Zero. Now despite being decades old, a concept design that modernized this vehicle is currently trending on the internet.

It should be emphasized that the Italian car manufacturer Lancia is in no way related to the Lancia Stratos Zero and Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod. Simply put, the vehicles are inspired from the company, but are not manufactured by them.

Lancia Stratos Zero Details and Specs

To better understand the Lancia Stratos Zero Restomod, fans should be familiar with the original Lancia Stratos Zero from 1970. According to Techeblog, this is a vehicle designed by the famous Italian

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