Two Way Radios Used by Car Dealerships to Exceed Customer Expectations


Use two way radios to pamper your Customer. Customers like to be treated like they’re the most important person in the room. Customers demand prompt assistance. Customers sometimes make unrealistic demands. Using two-way radios, you can reduce the friction of waiting because of instant access to all parties. Reducing your customer’s transaction time by just five minutes improves customer satisfaction. Making the customer feel like they’re Royalty breeds loyalty.

Use Walkie Talkies to improve efficiency. Keeping your Oil Changers and Tire Changers on task without having to stand in front of them saves time which allows for one or two more jobs daily. The intended benefit is more revenue, the bonus is your Customers don’t wait as long.

Use Two Way Radios to facilitate negotiations. The fact is, Customers love to negotiate but hate to wait. There comes a point in every negotiation where there’s simply yes and no questions. Use walkie talkies to keep the Salesperson in the room because you know every time you leave the room there’s opportunity for Buyers Remorse to creep in. Reducing the transaction time frees your Sales People up to go make more deals and leaves Customers with a great buying experience.

Use Two Way Radios to reduce overhead paging. You’re spending money to create an inviting atmosphere, why ruin it with overhead paging? Customers find overhead paging annoying, loud, and think it is overused. Using two way radios, you can communicate directly with the needed Team without interrupting everyone else. There are even walkie talkies available where every employee has their own private channel.

Use Two Way Radios to improve Team Communication. Car Dealerships large and small benefit from Team Communication. Your work starts with greeting the customer and the initial inquiry about their needs. Pointing customers in the right direction and having the appropriate person in front of them quicker reduces tension and removes the obstacle of wait time. Using two way radios to move staff around as needs changes improves the productivity of your Team giving you opportunities to serve more customers.

Why isn’t your Car Dealership using two way radios? If your Car Dealership isn’t using walkie talkies, you need to consider them. They’re more effective and less costly than cellular phones and offer instant benefits. The payback is measurable and immediate. Your Staff and your Customers will see and appreciate the benefits. You’ll sell and service more vehicles and benefit from a more productive Team.

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