Upcoming Cars In 2013: Honda Launches Versus Toyota Launches


The competition between car brands is an incessant one. While Hyundai has close competition from Maruti, these brands have other rivals who tend to capture the more expensive car segments, Toyota and Honda. While you might not find a Toyota car being launched to compete with the Eon, you will certainly find it jostling for space among mid and upper segment cars.

Every year there is much anticipation as to what the car brands are going to launch in order to tempt the Indian customer. Will the focus be on luxury features or fuel efficiency and power? How well will these factors be balanced? The game of suspense and anticipation continues. As a new year appears ahead of us, take a look at what Honda and Toyota have in store for the Indian market.

Upcoming Toyota Launches In 2013

The focus of this car brand is going to be on the mid segment cars. From MPVs to SUVs as well as mid sedan cars. This brand is going to stick to its well chosen segments and provide its competitors some food for thought. With the Maruti Ertiga or the Nissan Evalia creating the MPV segment in India, Toyota plans to capture some space in this segment with Toyota Avanza. Its looks will be similar to the Innova but will have smaller length and breadth. It will also be priced around 7 lacs. Toyota Rush will be a new looking compact SUV for those who are bored with the Innova. The Vios will try and fill in the gap in the mid sedan car segment between the Etios and the Altis. For the super luxury segment the Lexus will be revamped and launched with international features and standards. This luxury segment car will be priced close to 20 lacs.

Honda Car Launches For 2013

The Honda car launches for the upcoming year will reflect a change of the strategies being deployed by the company specifically for the Indian market. While some wish to compete head on, others wish to capture falling market share. For Honda cars which rate high on power and low on fuel efficiency, the stress would be to capture the differential of the petrol and diesel prices. Thus, Honda would be launching Brio diesel as well as Honda City diesel to allow customers more option in having a powerful car that would not pinch the pocket so much. The Brio Sedan is also to be launched as well as facelifts to be given to Accord and the CRV.

Comparing Honda And Toyota Launches In 2013

There is no direct competition being planned between the two brands as their focus remains different for the next year. While Toyota will focus on the MPV and SUV segment primarily, Honda will concentrate in increasing the sales of its hatchbacks and making its cars easier on the wallet for running them.

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