What Classic Car Isn’t Worth Collecting?

A photo of a purple Aston Martin Lagonda sedan

It doesn’t even have the famous Aston Martin grille!
Photo: Aston Martin

There’s no denying that something like a vintage Porsche 911 would be a worthy addition to any car collection. They look great, have that glorious flat-six engine and come with solid German build quality. But, at the other end of the spectrum, what classic cars aren’t worth collecting?

I’m sure we all have that same dream of finding a neglected old classic in need of some attention and restoring it back to its former glory. A car with enough issues to make it charming, but not so many that it drives you to insanity.

When you find that unicorn of a car, it can be resurrected and cherished for years to come. But, for a host of reasons, not all cars are worth all that effort. In fact, some classic cars are best avoided.

That’s why we want to uncover your picks for the classic cars that aren’t worth collecting.

Maybe you love the rugged styling of some American muscle, but know that the rusting body panels that might come with a 1970s Plymouth Road Runner aren’t worth the heartache. Or perhaps you had your eye on an old Aston Martin Lagonda but fear for the difficulty of the tasks you might face bringing it back to life.

Then, when you consider the investment you might need to resurrect an old car, the complexities of a rebuild and the sky-high costs they bring with them might put some cars out of the question. I’m looking at you, Nissan 300ZX.

Heck, you might even think a car isn’t worth collecting because it’s ugly, unreliable, slow or simply not worth the price.

There’s a host of reasons that make a classic car not worth collecting. So we want to hear what vehicles you think this applies to?

Let us know your picks for the cars not worth adding to your automotive haul, and we’ll round up some of the best responses later on today.