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Renting a car is one of the best choices you will make on your trip to Norway if you do not want to be restricted by third-party travel agents. But to do so, you must know everything about the process. You will have to be of a certain age, have appropriate documents, and comply with the regulations in order to rent a car in Norway. So let’s take a brief look at the process and see what you would need. Before moving on, just make sure that you are checking Norwegian online reviews to find the best car rental services to not get scammed at the end of the day.

Eligibility criteria to rent vehicles in Norway:


You must be 19 years old or above to hire an automobile in Norway. And if you are under 25 years of age, the authorities will require you to pay extra charges. You might also be restricted to renting smaller vehicles. This limitation is enforced for the safety of travelers. If your travel group includes children younger than four, they must be seated in car seats in the back. Remember to check Norwegian car company reviews to get helpful suggestions about the most popular cars in Norway. 

Driver’s license

A driver’s license is obviously the other necessity for borrowing from car companies in Norway. Additionally, you must have owned your driving permit for over one year because the dealer will not accept one newer than that.  You do not need an international license, as your local one will be sufficient. 

Restricted countries

The company which loans you a car will ask where you want to drop off the vehicle. The drop-off point can be in different cities or even countries. A car rented in Norway can go to most of Western Europe, excluding a handful of regions far in the distance. 

Process of car renting

The process of hiring a car for traveling in Norway is the same as in other countries. Search for the best rental services and choose the most suitable one. Select the vehicle you require and confirm the insurance policies attached. After fulfilling the specifications, you can take the car anywhere you choose.

Accommodating attitude of Norwegians

The local dealers who loan vehicles in Norway are very helpful in providing guidance and suggestions in this matter. If you book some car using their online platforms, even then, they will do their best to answer all your queries. You will not have to worry about getting scammed as long the company is registered and certified to function in Norway. Seeking help from a consultant is another way to make the process easier, as you will have to supervise while they do the work for you. Locals of Norway are very hospitable and accommodating to their tourists. 


Having authentic information regarding car renting is essential when visiting any foreign country. The kind of experience you will enjoy depends significantly on which type of hotel you reserve and the transport you use. You must ensure that you cater to all such details for a pleasant stay at your vacation destination. You will be grateful for the advice of renting a vehicle as you pass by the beautiful mountains and fjords of Norway. Driving to such mesmerizing sights is an opportunity you must avail. 

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