Alloy wheels are lighter and stronger than standard wheel rims due to the materials used in their manufacture. Made from a blend of aluminium and magnesium they provide an improved way in which they expel heat from both friction and engines. They have also become very popular because vehicle owners like the appearance that enhances the visual aspect of the transport choice.

The lighter features have improved the drive, they handle ground bumps and uneven surfaces better which is an advantage of having alloy rims fitted. With the improved surface handling they give a smooth drive for the occupants of the car. The weight reduction helps with better fuel consumption and the brakes will perform in an improve manner.

Alloy rims will usually be sold with a bare metal finish that is then coated with paint. To take care of your alloy rims you should recover the rims after five years. Any longer than this and your rims are liable to corrode. Intricate patterns and designs can be used in manufacturing alloy rims and they do away with the need for hub caps that are traditionally used with standard rims.

Due to the materials used in the manufacturer of alloy wheels they are more expensive to purchase than the standard steel rims. This usually means that they not fixed on a car from new but have to be purchased after you have the car. The manufacturers of high end luxury cars have now however realised that they have become a very desirable addition to motor vehicles and include then from new. There is also the addition of locks which stop thieves trying to steal the rims.

The manufacturing method of the rims also has an effect on the price, most of them are cast but they can also be forged and although this makes them lighter it also makes then a little more expensive. Some drivers like to put larger types on their cars as they think this makes the vehicle look better but so far there is no evidence that this will affect the performance on the road.

Many drivers view the alloy wheels as a status symbol as they believe that it indicates signs of wealth and luxury. Within the pop culture world there has developed a slang vocabulary referring to the wheels and how to identify them. With such a wide variety of designs and styles owners are able to achieve individuality whilst reaping the benefits that alloy wheels provide.

In the world of motor racing alloy wheels have become part of the standard set up on competitive cars. They are lighter and stronger and will generally be of the forged variety. There has been a problem in motor racing as the materials in the rim can ignite should there be a tyre burst and the rim scrapes on the track, when on fire it is difficult to extinguish.

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