Aston Martin Vantage With B4-Level Armoring Keeps Bricks and Bullets Out


With smash and grabs at an all-time high, you never know when a random attacker will approach your vehicle to break in and steal it. Even worse if you happen to be inside minding your own business and caught off guard. AddArmor offers some options for added protection against would-be assailants available across family, commercial, and luxury models. The Wyoming-based company, known for armoring Maybachs, G-Wagens, and Escalades, has unveiled its latest creation; an armored Aston Martin Vantage by Quality Coachworks.

This riot-proof Aston Martin comes equipped with the anti-intrusion protection package, which can shield occupants in various dangerous situations, including active shootings and civil unrest. The B4-level armoring is lightweight and only adds 450 pounds to the overall weight. And as you can see, it is invisible to the naked eye as it should be, especially in a luxurious sports car that could easily attract the wrong kind of attention.

AddArmor removes the stock windows and installs bullet-resistant glass on the windshield and side windows. In addition to cinder blocks and blunt objects, the thicker glass can withstand rounds from a .44 magnum or a 9mm. Ballistic hardened steel protects the roof and fuel tank, while the doors and firewall feature B4-level composite materials.

Elsewhere, the exhaust tips have covers to prevent objects from being inserted, and custom run-flats guarantee an escape to safety should things get out of control. And finally, the understated electric door handles will teach individuals engaging in criminal activity a lesson if they dare to touch them.

Power to the Aston Martin Vantage comes from a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 rated at 503 hp and 505 lb-ft of torque. It is also worth mentioning that AddArmor makes the necessary adjustments to the suspension to compensate for the extra weight. This deal, of course, does not include the car, which has a starting price of around $139,000.

But the good news is you don’t have to spend a ton of money, relatively speaking at this price point, on a fancy ride that’s also extra safe. The anti-intrusion protection package starts at $32,500, and AddArmor says it is available on many other vehicles, so long as you can provide it.

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