Best tubeless sealant of 2022

The best tubeless sealant is what makes road tubeless tyres work, it’s quite literally the glue that holds the system together. It’s also one of those things, like the best tubeless road tyres, that can suck up a lot of time with searching and testing to find what works best for you. There are options that are thinner, options that are thicker, some that are best for bigger holes, and some that last longer before needing a refresh. Tubeless is a system that is well worth figuring out. 

Switching to a tubeless road setup is the gateway to a world where punctures are rare and the ride is more comfortable. Without the need for a tube, you can run lower pressures, which not only means a more comfortable ride, but better handling and lower rolling resistance too. It works hand in hand with the best tubeless sealant to help make sure you almost never experience a flat tyre. In the best situations, you might not even realise that anything happened, you’ll just keep rolling while the sealant does the work.

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