Classic Four Seater Lamborghini Found Half Dead In A Forgotten Barn

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Barn find Lamborghini survivor is uncovered.

Lamborghini has a long and storied history of building some of the world’s fastest high-end sports and supercars ever to hit the track. This genuine dedication to the progression of automotive excellence has led to the current Lamborghini lineup being at the front line in power and performance. However, there is more to the Lamborghini name than just their past successes. Like most matters concerning creative production, the history surrounding the raging bull of Italy was far more affected by its failures. So today, we get to look at what was possibly the least desirable Lamborghini, the Lamborghini Espada.

Based on the front grille, the car appears to be a series three produced from 1972-1978. The basic concept was to build a four-seater grand tourer with the power of a fire-breathing V12 under the hood. This idea gave way to series one and would eventually end with series three. Under the hood of this particular vehicle is a 3.9-liter V12 engine which should produce a horsepower figure in the 321 range when fully restored. However, we imagine that this number will be hard to achieve in its current state as it cannot move due to the mess of plant life and has rested in the same barn for over 30 years.

After further examination, it would appear that the interior is in primarily great shape as all of the leather, plastic, and carpets are still intact. Apart from a little bit of side panel damage, the exterior has also been preserved quite well by the environment which holds it, and the engine has remained untouched by the corrosive hands of time. Originally the car was thought of as Lamborghini’s answer to the thousands of Lambo fans who wanted a piece of the action without losing too much utility. However, some 30 odd years later has shown that it was something far more unique, a relic of a simpler time. When cool cars didn’t have to fit in with the crossover SUVs, electrification wasn’t being shoved down the engineer’s throats at every turn when cars were allowed to be unique.

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